How it works for e-Commerce stores

Choose causes that matter most to your brand and product offerings.

Select Causes
to partner with ​
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Choose products 

Give to causes from every product or choose specific products. 


Showcase your causes & impact in your store

Add Pledger to your store
Your shoppers            choose a cause

Your shoppers choose which cause they want to see you give to post check out 

Together - you make an impact 

When your customers purchase eligible products - your brand makes a difference 

Leave your customers feeling great! 

Customers love seeing their chosen brands care about the big picture

Make a memorable impact
on the world and on your customers 

Pledger widgets

Choose how you showcase your impact and which Pledger widgets you want to apply to your store. 

Your Pledger Widgets are fully customisable to suit your brand and site design. 

Product Page Badges
Product Page Badges

Cart Badges
Cart Badges

Impact Calculator
Impact Calculator

Product Page Badges
Product Page Badges



Frictionless integration with your Shopify store. 

The same access to partner causes, Pledger widgets & analytics customised for your eCommerce platform. Plus a dedicated team to support your integration start to end.

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Choose your impact

Reduce Poverty
Children & Youth
Mental Health Support
Black Lives Matter
Fight Climate Change
And more
Community Charities
Mental Health Charities
Poverty Reduction

Support a great cause

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Connect your customers with your values
by teaming up with Causes that make this world an awesome place. 

Find Pledger on Shopify App Store

Establish a deeper emotional connection with your customers


Shoppers are 70% more likely to buy when their purchase is connected with a meaningful cause.

Build Loyalty

People are 90% more likely to switch to a brand if it supports a cause.  

Reach new audiences

85% of millennials are happy to tell others about socially responsible brands.  

Differentiate your store

Surprise and delight your customers at the checkout or work with us to create a wider cause marketing campaign. 


Pledger widgets are designed to engage your customers in your brand's giving story 

Find out when a brand you love becomes available on Pledger & recommend causes

How it works for causes

1. Register

Are you a registered Charity, Social Enterprise of CIO? We are looking for collaborations that are meaningful, ethical and authentic.. If you are a cause with an amazing mission and trackable impact - get in touch! We can't wait. 

3. Receive donations

You get all stores' donations to your cause safely and on-time via automated monthly* pay-outs.

2. Get discovered by brands

Work with brands that align with your values. Brands can discover and select your cause. We manually review each giving relationships to be sure its a great fit. You have the option to do the same. 

4. Build relationships

Have a creative campaign idea and want to partner with a specific brand? 

It's about creating a win-win. Pitch your campaign idea and share your plans with brands that strategically aline with you. 

Automated on-boarding, agreements and pay-outs make it easy for your team to go live with Pledger
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Our values

Transparency ​

Pledger team


Mariya Kupriyenko 



Ali Butler

Partnerships Manager

Liam Houlahan

Technology Director

We are excited about helping every store introduce giving into their business and be a part of making this Earth an awesome place with Pledger.  




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