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What does Activating Virtue mean? 

Once Virtue is activated, your giving campaigns go live, Virtue widgets will be visible to customers and you can start supporting causes. Neither your store nor customers will be able to donate to Causes until Virtue is activated. 


You can manually deactivate & activate Virtue using a toggle top of the screen in Dashboard interface.


When does Virtue get Activated? 

Virtue is activated automatically once you have picked a plan and payment details are added and causes are selected. You can activate and deactivate Virtue manually via the toggle top of the Dashboard (see image above).  

Virtue is showing as Activated but Virtue widgets are not showing

The most likely reason for this is because you have reached your monthly donation cap or haven't set up the widgets on the Shopify / WooCommerce end. Check your donation cap & payout amounts, as well as support docs here. If you have not reached your cap and this is happening please contact

Can't find answers in support documentation? We would love to help you get started with Virtue. Flick us an email to or use Chat (bottom right) to get hold of support.

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