Accessing the Dashboard 

Once you've gone past Go Live, the last step of On Boarding, you will be redirected to the Analytics Dashboard. You can change Pledger settings by navigating to the right set up screens via the menu on the left hand side. The Dashboard is also where you'll find data insights about the impact of your giving on your sales and the world. 

Using the Date filter

Select date range that you want to see the data for. The date filter is top right of the Dashboard page. 


Total Donated

Total donated to your Causes with Pledger contribution taken out. 


Total Orders with Donation

The number of orders that contained at least 1 product eligible for donations. 

% Orders with Donation

This is the percentage of all orders where at least one product was eligible for a donation. 

AOV with Donation

Shows average order value of orders where at least 1 product in the order was eligible for Pledger giving. 

Total Donations to Causes

Total donated to each cause by date with Pledger contribution excluded. 

Orders with Causes

The number of orders where at least 1 pledger product was present, split by date.

Top Selling Pledger Products

Top selling pledger eligible products. Total Pledged amount includes giving to Pledger. 

Can't find answers in support documentation? We would love to help you get started with Pledger. Flick us an email to or use Chat (bottom right) to get hold of support.

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