What are different Campaign types in on-boarding?

Customer checkout donations - customers will be prompted to give to one of your chosen Causes after purchase.

Store donations - your store will contribute a percentage or a fixed amount from selected products to your causes. If you choose multiple causes, your customers will be able to select which of them they want to see donations from their purchase go to. 

Selecting both customer checkout donations and store donations - when selecting this option, your store will give to a cause, as well as your customers having the option to give. 

Upsell with donations - allows you to give customers a portion of the sale to donate to one of your causes post purchase. The amount they get is based on their order value. This feature is designed to help your store lift your AOV by using donations as incentives to buy. You can run this campaign together with store or/and customer donations, or as a stand alone campaign. 

Note that different campaign types might have different Causes and Widget appearance associated with them. 

Can I change my Campaign type later?

You can change your Campaign type after on-boarding via Donations.



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