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wildflower planting for businesses

Wildflower Planting

$0.07 (£0.05) will plant 1 wildflower to capture carbon and protect the bees

Plant Coral Reef for Retail

Coral Reef Planting

£25 plants and monitors 1 coral reef fragment

Shopify Plastic Offsetting

Plastic Offsetting

£1.3 removes 1kg of certified ocean-bound plastic

Shopify Tree Planting

Tree Planting

£0.50 donated plants 1 tree to battle climate change

The Black Curriculum Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

The Black Curriculum

£10 helps develop packages of support for teachers to teach black British history

plastic bottle recovery

Plastic Bottle Recovery

$0.01 (£0.007) captures 1 plastic bottle worth of ocean bound plastic

CALM Charity


Uniting the UK against suicide

Support Trussel Trust

The Trussell Trust

Support food banks to provide practical support to people in crisis

Fundraise for the World Land Trust

World Land Trust

£100 donated protects one acre of the planet and its biodiversity

Support Stroke Association

Stroke Association

We help stroke survivors and their families live fuller, happier lives

DEC Charity


Helping people in disasters and humanitarian crises

Marys Meals Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Mary's Meals

£19.15 is all it costs to feed a child in a developing country for a whole school year

Fundraising for Cool Earth

Cool Earth

Taking action to protect the planet

Providing clean drinking water

Clean Water Projects

$0.85 (£0.67) provides 1 month clean of water to an individual

Latin American Womens Rights Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App


Your support goes towards counselling, housing and education projects

GiveOut Charity


Supporting the global LGBTQ+ movement fighting for equality

Keep Britain Tidy Charity

Keep Britain Tidy

£15 will help buy equipment for Keep Britain Tidy Beach and River Care projects

Fundraise for Leukaemia UK

Leukaemia UK

Supporting those in need battling blood cancer

Sea Shepherd UK Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Sea Shepherd UK

Donations support the crew fighting for our oceans

DOTS Charity

Dogs on the Streets

Providing care to dogs on the street

British Ukrainian Aid Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

British Ukrainian Aid

Assisting those who have been impacted including; the injured, orphaned, and disadvantaged

Hospital Rooms Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Hospital Rooms

Hospital Rooms helps anyone feeling isolated to get creative.

Therapy Dogs Nationwide Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Therapy Dogs Nationwide

Your support provides comfort and healing through animal therapy

Alder Hey Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Alder Hey Childrens Charity

Providing vital training and medical support to those in need

Fundraising for Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust

Supporting families with seriously ill children

Friends of the Earth Charity

Friends of the Earth

Taking action to improve lives and protect the environment

SafeHands Charity


£10 puts information about safe motherhood into the hands of 21 women in Amhara Ethiopia.

The Hygeine Bank Charity

The Hygiene Bank

£10 a month means we can reach new people in need

Fundraise for Choose Love

Choose Love

Supporting refugees in need

Trauma Breakthrough Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Trauma Breakthrough

£15 per/month supports provision of key services to trauma and abuse victims

Network for Africa Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Network for Africa

A monthly donation of £7/$9 could pay for someone with mental illness to receive one to one counselling for a year.

Stand By Me Charity

Stand by Me

£20 give an vulnerable child food and care for 1 month

Black Minds Matter UK Charity

Black Minds Matter UK

Connecting Black individuals and families with free mental health services

The One Foundation Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

The One Foundation

£20 can buy lifesaving hygiene kits for families to stop the spread of disease

The British Skin Foundation Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

The British Skin Foundation

Funding goes towards understanding skin disease inside out

Fundraise for Sea Life Trust

Sea Life Trust

Supporting a world where our oceans are healthy, properly protected and full of diverse life

Fundraise for Marine Conservation Society

Marine Conservation Society

Helping to protect the UK's seas, shores and wildlife

Fundraise for Oceana


Working to protect the ocean

Support Hope Spring Water

Hope Spring Water

Hope Spring provides safe, clean water to communities across Africa

PEN International Charity

PEN International

Promote literature and freedom of expression worldwide

Rainbow Railroad Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Rainbow Railroad

Your donations help save LGBT people's lives

Public Health Collaboration Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Public Health Collaboration

£100 helps us put one person on the road to remission from type 2 diabetes

Fundraise for Youth Realities

Youth Realities

Ending Youth Domestic Abuse

SARI Charity


Educating young people and supporting victims of hate crime and discrimination

Fundraise for Hackney Children and Baby Bank

Hackney Baby Bank

Donations will help to buy essential items for families in need in Hackney and the surrounding boroughs

Fundraising for Awards for Young Musicians

Awards for Young Musicians

Supporting young musicians

Dirt Charity


Regenerating soil is one of the most important actions to be taken in the face of climate change. DIRT regenerates soil through supporting the biodynamic farming movement.

Fundraise for Fareshare


Every 25p you donate is the equivalent cost of redistribution a meal to someone in need.

Bloody Good Period Charity

Bloody Good Period

Fight for menstrual equity and the rights of all people who bleed

The Circle Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

The Circle

£5 could provide one day of safe refuge for a survivor of violence

Fundraise for South West Coast Path

South West Coast Path

Supporting Mental Health and Nature

Carbon Positive Australia Logo

Carbon Positive Australia

Creating a carbon positive future

Fundraise for Ebony Horse Club Charity

Ebony Horse Club

All donations will go towards improving young lives in Lambeth, through access to horses

Support Open Table Network Charity

Open Table Network

Creating a safe and sacred space for the LGBTQIA community

Fundraising for Oasis Community Housing

Oasis Community Housing

We run projects that help people access housing and provide supportive relationships which eradicate homelessness

Providing meals to children in need

Meals for Children

$0.26 (£0.20) provides 1 meal for a child in need

Planting Kelp for retail stores

Kelp Planting

$1.52 (£1.20) plants one kelp plant to help protect aquatic habitats and capture carbon

Shopify carbon offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

£0.05 ($0.063) offsets 1kg of CO2 to help combat climate change

Crisis Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App


Help homeless find a home and an income

Fundraise for Movember


Supporting mens health

Cancer Research UK Charity

Cancer Research UK

Dedicated to research on the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer

Womens Aid Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Women's Aid

Donations Help Provide Life Saving Services To Women And Children Across The UK

Prostate Cance UK Charity

Prostate Cancer UK

Supporting lifesaving life saving prostate cancer research

RNLI Charity


Saving lives at sea with RNLI Lifeboats and Lifeguards

Rosa Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App


Helps to strengthen specialist women’s organisations so they can meet the needs of the women and girls they work with

Fundraising for WWF

World Wildlife Foundation

Protecting the planet and its inhabitants

Fundraising for Borneo Orangutan Survival

Borneo Orangutan Survival

Protecting Orangutans in need

Shelter Charity


Supporting housing initiatives

Fundraising for CHarity: Water

charity: water

£1 donated can provide 1,320 litres of clean water

Ocean Generation Charity

Ocean Generation

Restoring a sustainable relationship between humanity and the Ocean

The Childrens Society Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

The Children's Society

£5 a month could pay for a hot meal, shower and living essentials for a young runaway

Protect the Rainforest Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Rainforest Foundation UK

£5 can help train forest communities to map and defend their rainforest home

Surfers Against Sewage Charity

Surfers Against Sewage

Keeping our beaches beautiful for everyone!

Doctors Without Borders Charity

Doctors without Borders

Providing emergency medical aid across the world

FTCT Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App


£25 could help to buy a coat to keep another child warm and cosy this winter

Show Racism The Red Card Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Show Racism the Red Card

Support goes towards providing educational resources and trainings to combat racism

Support Dogs Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Support Dogs

£10 Provides 24 Hours Of Vital Care And Assistance To Someone Affected By Autism, Epilepsy, Or Disability

World Bicycle Relief Charity Fundraising with Virtue Giving App

World Bicycle Relief

£120 provides one buffalo bicycle to a child, healthcare worker or entrepreneur.

Little Lifts Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Little Lifts

£30 will purchase the 24 products to fill a Little Lifts chemotherapy Box

Fundraising for Kicks Count

Kicks Count

Informing and empowering to help save lives

Fundraise for the girls network

The Girls Network

Supporting girls in need

Drip by Drip Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Drip By Drip

Supporting wastewater management projects in regions negatively affected by the water pollution

Fundraising for Sea Changers

Sea Changers

Giving back to the sea

Homeless Link Charity

Homeless Link

Supporting rough sleepers away from the streets

Ickle Pickles Childrens Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Ickle Pickles

Your support helps to buy vital equipment for neonatal units caring for sick and premature babies across the country.

AKT Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App


£35 could cover the cost of safe accommodation for one night

Gaming the mind charity

Gaming the Mind

Your support helps create video games that positively influence mental health

Fundraise for Womens Work with Virtue

Women's Work

Supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged women and their families.

Support Seven Clean Seas

Seven Clean Seas

£1.6 Donated Removes 1kg of Plastic from the Ocean

Fundraise for Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now

£50 donated to Breast Cancer Now could provide 500 leaflets for doctor’s surgeries in the UK

Mankind Initiative Charity

Mankind Initiative

Supporting male victims of domestic abuse and their children.

Fundraise for MindOut


Supporting the LGBTQ+ community

Stonewall Charity


Fighting against LGBTQ+ abuse and discrimination

Support Blue Friday with Virtue

Blue Friday

Supporting multiple sustainability initiatives including ocean habitat conservation and plastic removal from the pacific ocean

Fundraise for LGBT Foundation

LGBT Foundation

Providing support, advice, and advocacy to LGBT+ people

Fundraising for switchboard


Providing support and advice to LGBTQ+ people in need

Fundraise for Breast Cancer Haven

Breast Cancer Haven

Supporting those impacted by breast cancer

Support PTSD UK with Virtue


Supporting people with PTSD

Action Mental Health Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Action Mental Health

Your support goes towards mental health awareness and support programmes in Northern Ireland

Support TOFS with Virtue


Your donations will help to support people born with OA/TOF. A rare medical condition that affects 1 in 3,500 babies.

Fundraise for Youth Experience in Sport

Youth Experience in Sport

Supporting youth in need through the power of sport

fundraise for genderet intelligence

Gendered Intelligence

Supporting the lives of trans people and their support networks

Action Change Charity

Action Change

£25.00 will help train an unemployed local as a carpenter in Africa

THeir Voice Charity

Their Voice

Providing essential items to help people who have experienced slavery

Turtle Dove Trust Charity Fundraising with Pledger Giving App

Turtle Dove Trust

Your support will help save the Turtle Dove

Fundraising for Troubadour Stageworks

Troubadour Stageworks

Donations will help our work, including; revitalising heritage buildings through active community programs

Support Para La Tierra with Virtue

Para La Tierra

Conserving fragile habitats in Paraguay through scientific research, environmental education and community engagement

Fundraise for Settle Stories

Settle Stories

Our mission is to collaborate with exceptional artists to create transformative experiences for people and communities.

Support acet UK with Virtue

acet UK

Helping young people make informed & wise decisions about relationships & sex, & develop healthy self-esteem & sexual wellbeing

Support ToiletriesAmnesty

Toiletries Amnesty

All donations will help redirect toiletries away from landfill, and into the hands of those in need

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