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Carbon Positive Australia

Planting trees and taking action for a carbon positive future

Carbon Positive Australia

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Creating a carbon positive future

About the Cause

Australia, with its breathtaking landscapes and diverse ecosystems, faces a stark reality: rising carbon emissions and the devastating consequences of climate change. From bleaching coral reefs to intensifying bushfires, the impact is undeniable. Yet, amidst the challenges, a beacon of hope emerges: Carbon Positive Australia. Founded in 2011, this dynamic non-profit, headquartered in Melbourne, extends its roots across the entire continent, planting trees and restoring ecosystems, leaving a lasting footprint towards a carbon-positive future.

Beyond Carbon Neutral: Planting Trees for Tomorrow
Our planet faces an alarming carbon imbalance. Trees, nature's CO2 filters, are being felled at an alarming rate, pushing us towards a tipping point. Recognizing this crisis, Carbon Positive Australia doesn't settle for carbon neutrality - they strive for something far more potent: a carbon-positive nation. They achieve this by actively removing carbon from the atmosphere through large-scale native tree planting initiatives. These aren't just random saplings; each tree is meticulously chosen, considering its ability to thrive in its specific ecosystem and maximize carbon sequestration.

But Carbon Positive Australia's vision is far broader than simply planting trees. They are passionate about restoring entire ecosystems, creating sanctuaries for wildlife and fostering biodiversity. Their projects incorporate habitat restoration, soil health improvement, and community engagement, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental healing.

This dedication to ecological integrity has yielded astounding results. To date, Carbon Positive Australia has planted over 30 million trees across Australia, offsetting millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide. They have created partnerships with diverse organizations, from passionate individuals to large corporations, united by a common goal: reclaiming Australia's natural heritage.

In the coming sections, we'll delve deeper into Carbon Positive Australia's projects, their impact on Australia's diverse ecosystems, and how you can join their mission to build a future where trees reach for the sky, and hope soars on the wings of restored landscapes.

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