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Drip By Drip

Drip by Drip is the world's first NGO committed to tackling The water issues in the fashion and textile industry

Drip By Drip

Cause Impact

Supporting wastewater management projects in regions negatively affected by the water pollution

About the Cause

Drip by Drip is a non-for-profit organisation that is working to find, develop and spread solutions for the water issues caused by the textile industry, engaging with consumers and professionals to spark change by:

- informing and consulting about the correlation between water and fashion, offering a platform of exchange for producers, brands and consumers,
- creating water-friendly solutions from fibre to the final product/ at all stages of the value chain.
- developing water saving materials
- improving industry water management
- addressing and researching the microfibre problem, and
- repairing the pollution already caused in areas heavily dependent on the textile industry.

Understanding water is a vital resource and access to it, a fundamental human right. Dip by Drip envision a future where our fashion consumption and production habits stop jeopardising our global fresh water reserves.
The fashion industry has the solutions and technologies at hand that enable them to consume less water and avoid the severe pollution of groundwater, rivers and eventually oceans.

Drip by Drip is addressing the challenge of water pollution and scarcity by offering proper water management and stewardship consulting because without proper management and stewardship, water resources are disproportionately consumed by products such as clothes, leaving regions to cope with increasing water-stress-related problems.

If you share Drip by Drip vision and want to support them in their mission to place water first, you can donate to them via pledger.

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