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Re-distribute surplus food to families who need it


Cause Impact

Every 25p you donate is the equivalent cost of redistribution a meal to someone in need.

About the Cause

Across the United Kingdom, millions of individuals grapple with the challenging reality of food insecurity, presenting a stark contradiction in a country known for its abundance. Families find themselves forced to forgo meals, children experience hunger, and the threat of malnutrition looms large. In the face of these hardships, a beacon of hope emerges – FareShare, the national network of charitable food redistributors in the UK, stands resolutely on the frontline in the battle against hunger.

FareShare's Reach Across the Nation:
Established in 1996, FareShare operates as a network of 18 independent member charities spanning the entire UK. From vibrant urban centers to tranquil rural communities, they collaborate with more than 8,500 frontline charities and community groups, supplying enough food to create nearly a million meals each week.

A Mission Beyond Satisfying Hunger:
FareShare's mission transcends the mere act of filling empty stomachs; it strives to confront the intertwined challenges of hunger and food waste. Through intercepting perfectly edible surplus food from supermarkets, farms, and manufacturers, FareShare rescues a diverse array of items, including fresh produce, dairy products, bread, and canned goods. This assortment, which might otherwise contribute to landfills, transforms into a varied and nutritious resource for those facing food insecurity.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Human Well-being:
By redirecting surplus food from waste to kitchens, FareShare champions both environmental sustainability and human well-being. They empower frontline charities to create nourishing meals for vulnerable individuals, families, and children. From supporting school breakfast clubs and homeless shelters to contributing to food banks and community cafes, FareShare weaves a tapestry of hope and nourishment across the UK, illustrating that even the smallest acts of compassion can lead to substantial positive change.

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