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Supporting the children of UK fashion and textile families since 1853


Cause Impact

£25 could help to buy a coat to keep another child warm and cosy this winter

About the Cause

Title: Stitching Hope: The Fashion & Textile Children's Trust

Beneath the glamour of the fashion industry lies a concealed world where families can unexpectedly face hardships. Sudden job losses, illnesses, and unforeseen circumstances can leave children in vulnerable positions, struggling to access basic necessities and educational opportunities. Since 1907, the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust has been a steadfast beacon of support for these families, operating throughout the United Kingdom.

Navigating Challenges Behind the Seams:

The dynamic and vibrant fashion and textile industry is not immune to economic fluctuations and unforeseen disruptions. These challenges can plunge families employed in this sector into financial hardship, affecting children who may find it difficult to afford essential items like school uniforms, bedding, and specialized equipment for disabilities. Educational opportunities become at risk, and the emotional toll on these families can be profound.

Weaving Hope into the Fabric of Lives:

The Fashion & Textile Children's Trust stands as a lifeline for families grappling with these challenges. Headquartered in London, the trust provides grants to families employed in the UK fashion or textile industry facing financial hardship. These grants offer crucial support for basic needs, such as school uniforms, educational resources, and vital appliances. However, the impact extends beyond the material; the trust supports mental health and wellbeing, funding counseling and therapy to help families cope with the emotional strain of their situations.

Empowering Children to Stitch Their Own Bright Futures:

The work of the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust goes beyond alleviating immediate hardship; it's about empowering children to thrive. Ensuring access to essential resources and support allows them to focus on education and personal growth. The trust's commitment to education is evident in its funding of school uniforms and educational resources, paving the way for a brighter future.

Every Thread Counts: Join the Fabric of Support:

Each donation, every act of kindness, becomes a thread woven into the tapestry of hope crafted by the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust. Supporting this vital charity means playing a crucial role in ensuring that no child in the fashion and textile industry is left behind. It's about becoming part of a community dedicated to mending the fabric of families' lives, stitch by stitch, thread by thread.

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