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Hope Spring Water

Alleviating Water Poverty

Hope Spring Water

Cause Impact

Hope Spring provides safe, clean water to communities across Africa

About the Cause

Since Hope Spring was founded in 2016, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people in West Africa access safe, clean water. Our sanitation, hygiene projects and training have helped hundreds of thousands more to stay healthy.

We target our water poverty alleviation efforts in communities that are having difficulties accessing clean water. In most of these communities, women and children bear the burden of walking long distances to fetch water from the stream and other, not necessarily safe, sources of water to meet their respective households' water needs. We offer assistance to these communities through the construction of a well, borehole, or rainwater harvesting training. We typically work in partnership with an institution of learning, such as a school or a university, who delivers a sanitation and hygiene workshop as part of a project.

With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we were able to bring clean water, hygiene, and sanitation workshops to different communities in Africa. We extend our humanitarian efforts to fighting period poverty across Africa, and we have, over the years and with the help of our volunteers, fundraisers, and donors in the UK and Nigeria, helped women and girls make period poverty a thing of the past.

We hope to continue to help more people to access clean water and practise safe sanitation and hygiene this year and years to come.

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