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Network for Africa

Helping communities recover from trauma and mental illness caused by war in post-conflict African countries and supporting them to rebuild their lives

Network for Africa

Cause Impact

A monthly donation of £7/$9 could pay for someone with mental illness to receive one to one counselling for a year.

About the Cause

In Africa, the wounds of conflict are profound. Decades marked by war, genocide, and displacement have inflicted invisible scars on millions, giving rise to trauma-related challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and the erosion of trust and social bonds. In response, Network for Africa emerges as a source of healing and hope, particularly in some of the continent's most challenging environments.

Established in 2001 and officially registered in the UK, Network for Africa concentrates its efforts in countries like Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Uganda—regions deeply impacted by historical atrocities. Embracing community-based strategies, the organization empowers local inhabitants to take charge of their recovery, cultivating resilience and fostering sustainable peace.

Healing the Invisible Wounds: Building Capacity, Not Dependence
In contrast to deploying foreign experts, Network for Africa channels its resources into local communities. They impart training to community counselors, medical professionals, and leaders, enabling them to recognize and address mental health issues within their cultural milieu. This "train the trainer" methodology ensures long-term viability, guaranteeing ongoing support even when Network for Africa's direct involvement concludes.

Their initiatives span from trauma-informed counseling and psychosocial support to facilitating reconciliation dialogues and rebuilding trust between communities. They assist families in reconstructing their lives, supply schools with resources to address the needs of traumatized children, and empower women to serve as catalysts for change and peacebuilding.

The impact of Network for Africa's endeavors is evident. In a Rwandan project, they trained over 200 community counselors, leading to a remarkable 40% reduction in PTSD symptoms among participants. In Sierra Leone, their collaboration with war widows resulted in the establishment of more than 50 income-generating cooperatives, empowering women to reconstruct their lives and provide for their families.

These instances underscore the numerous stories of transformation interwoven into the fabric of Network for Africa's work. By investing in local communities and nurturing local capabilities, they envision a future where peace, not trauma, becomes the defining narrative in conflict-affected regions of Africa.

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