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Ocean Generation

We exist to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the Ocean

Ocean Generation

Cause Impact

Restoring a sustainable relationship between humanity and the Ocean

About the Cause

The extensive and lively canvas of our oceans covers a substantial two-thirds of our planet—a sanctuary of life, a climate moderator, and an infinite source of fascination. However, beneath this enchanting surface, a surge of threats is gaining momentum. From the entanglement of marine life in plastic pollution to the warming and acidification of oceanic waters due to climate change, unparalleled challenges confront the ocean. Yet, much like the ocean's formidable force, a wave of youthful changemakers, inspired by Ocean Generation, is rallying globally to safeguard this crucial resource.

Established in 2009 in the United Kingdom, Ocean Generation has evolved into a dynamic collective, bridging continents and age groups. Their global operations span from the sun-soaked shores of Indonesia to the icy coastlines of Norway, uniting young individuals aged 3 to 25 around a shared objective: rejuvenating the health of our oceans and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Impact: Riding the Crest of Action
Ocean Generation's strategy mirrors the multifaceted nature of the ocean itself. They distill intricate science into captivating content, utilizing film and compelling storytelling to narrow the gap between awareness and action. The "Ocean Academy" curriculum, their flagship initiative, furnishes immersive educational resources, impacting over 600,000 students across 11 countries in 2020 alone.

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