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We support everyone affected by PTSD - No matter the trauma that caused it


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Supporting people with PTSD

About the Cause

The silent impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) transcends borders, affecting individuals who have undergone profoundly distressing events. Whether it's a soldier returning from the battlefield, a survivor of abuse, a first responder witnessing tragedy, or someone coping with the aftermath of an accident, PTSD can haunt lives. In the United Kingdom, a staggering 10 million people are estimated to grapple with PTSD at some point, often enduring it in isolation without sufficient support.

PTSD UK emerges as a beacon of hope, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. This national charity tirelessly endeavors to raise awareness, dismantle stigma, and offer crucial resources to anyone impacted by PTSD, irrespective of the trauma's origin. From veterans and emergency service personnel to crime victims and accident survivors, PTSD UK acknowledges the universal nature of human suffering, extending its helping hand to all in need.

Impact: From Shadows to Strength - Empowering Recovery
PTSD UK's impact extends beyond awareness campaigns. They provide a comprehensive array of support services tailored to individual needs. Their online directory links individuals with local therapists and support groups, while the confidential helpline creates a safe space for open conversations, offering expert guidance to individuals and families.

Central to their approach is empowering self-management. PTSD UK equips individuals with valuable resources such as educational workshops and therapeutic programs. Their "PTSD Coach" app acts as a pocket-sized companion, offering mindfulness exercises, relaxation techniques, and personalized support tools. For veterans, the "Buddy Buddy" program pairs them with trained volunteers who comprehend the distinct challenges of military service and combat trauma.

Success stories underscore the charity's efficacy. A veteran, plagued by nightmares and anxiety, attributed his journey to fulfillment to PTSD UK's support. Another survivor of a serious accident, grappling with flashbacks and isolation, found solace in the charity's online community and therapeutic programs. In 2022 alone, PTSD UK reached over 50,000 individuals through various initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to making a tangible impact on those affected by PTSD.

Investing in PTSD UK transcends a mere donation; it's an investment in hope, resilience, and a future where no one confronts this unseen adversary in solitude. By supporting their work, individuals are empowered to reclaim their lives, reconstruct connections, and step into the sunlight, leaving the shadows of trauma behind.

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