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Supporting women and girls whose lives have been devastated by male violence


Cause Impact

Helps to strengthen specialist women’s organisations so they can meet the needs of the women and girls they work with

About the Cause

Rosa is a grantmaking charity that funds grassroots women’s organisations working to make the UK a fairer, safer place for women and girls.

There are three focal points for the charity:

CONNECT - Rosa work with corporates, funders and women’s organisations to foster networks that accelerate change.

CHAMPION - Rosa work with statutory bodies, corporates and funders to advocate for women’s organisations and support our donors to understand the importance of holistic, women-centred approaches.

INVEST - Rosa bring funding and other resources into the women’s sector because we know that the projects we support shape lives and influence change.

The focus has always been based on working closely within the community as they are the ones campaigning to secure equal representation for women in politics and public life, and working to end violence against women and girls.

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