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Sea Changers

Promote the conservation, protection, and improvement of the environment to promote marine bio-diversity

Sea Changers

Cause Impact

Giving back to the sea

About the Cause

The expansive and glistening seas possess an enchanting beauty, yet an ominous darkness looms beneath the surface. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change pose imminent threats to the very life force of our oceans, endangering not only marine ecosystems but our own collective future. However, amid the surging tide of environmental challenges, beacons of hope emerge – and none radiate more brilliantly than Sea Changers.

Established in 2010 in the UK, Sea Changers operates along the nation's breathtaking coastlines, from the rugged shores of Scotland to the sun-drenched beaches of Cornwall. They grasp the immense value of the sea, viewing it not only as a recreational playground but as a crucial resource and a delicate ecosystem deserving of our collective safeguarding. Driven by a profound love for the ocean and its diverse inhabitants, the passionate team dedicates its efforts to reversing the tide of environmental degradation and ensuring a healthier future for our seas.

Impact: Building Ripples into a Powerful Ocean Wave
Sea Changers doesn't merely combat the issues facing our oceans; they actively foster solutions. Their work revolves around two fundamental pillars: empowering individuals and businesses to be part of the solution and financing impactful grassroots conservation projects.

One way they harness the power of individuals is through initiatives like 'Sell on eBay for Charity,' enabling everyday people to donate a portion of their eBay sales to marine conservation. This simple yet collective act fuels essential research and protection efforts. For businesses, Sea Changers offers tailored partnerships, enabling them to offset their environmental impact and actively contribute to ocean health.

Yet, their true enchantment lies in supporting on-the-ground conservation projects across the UK. From addressing plastic pollution through beach cleans and recycling initiatives to restoring crucial seagrass meadows and protecting endangered marine species, their grants effect tangible change. In 2023 alone, they funded over 30 projects, directly impacting vital ecosystems and inspiring local communities to become custodians of their seas.
The positive ripples created by Sea Changers are undeniable. Through their work, over 100,000 individuals have engaged in ocean conservation, and numerous marine habitats have been protected and restored. This marks just the beginning. By supporting Sea Changers, you contribute to building a powerful wave of change, ensuring that future generations inherit a healthy ocean teeming with life and wonder.

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