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Sea Shepherd UK

Sea Shepherd UK's mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans

Sea Shepherd UK

Cause Impact

Donations support the crew fighting for our oceans

About the Cause

The vast and boundless expanses of our oceans cradle the very essence of life. Yet, beneath the shimmering surface, a silent crisis unfolds. Overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction threaten the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems, propelling countless species towards the precipice of extinction. Enter Sea Shepherd, a fearless armada of ocean defenders dedicated to safeguarding the vulnerable giants of the deep.

Founded in 1977 in Friday Harbor, Washington, USA, Sea Shepherd has evolved into a global force for ocean conservation, operating through a fleet of twelve ships strategically deployed across the world's oceans. From the icy waters of the Antarctic to the sun-drenched reefs of the Caribbean, these vessels stand as a constant vigil, protecting vulnerable whale populations, dolphins, sharks, and numerous other marine creatures from the unrelenting tide of exploitation.

Taking Direct Action for a Drowning World
Sea Shepherd's approach is far from ordinary. They don't merely raise awareness – they take direct action. Their tactics, while often controversial, are meticulously planned and non-violent, involving strategies such as interdiction, documentation, and non-violent resistance to expose and impede illegal fishing practices and environmental abuse. Picture this: a team of courageous volunteers holding their ground on small inflatable boats, confronting colossal whaling vessels to shield whales from cruel harpoons. This is the reality of Sea Shepherd's frontline missions.

Their campaigns have yielded impactful results. From uncovering illegal shark finning operations in Costa Rica to successfully defending the critically endangered vaquita dolphin in Mexico, Sea Shepherd's impact is undeniable. In 2023 alone, their interventions directly saved the lives of over 5,000 whales and numerous other marine animals.

However, the battle for our oceans is far from over. Overfishing persists, plastic pollution strangles vital ecosystems, and climate change casts a long shadow over the future of marine life.

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