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Settle Stories

Our mission is to collaborate with exceptional artists to create transformative experiences for people and communities.

Settle Stories

Cause Impact

Our mission is to collaborate with exceptional artists to create transformative experiences for people and communities.

About the Cause

The human world is a rich tapestry of stories, each thread unique and intricately woven together. However, for many individuals, their voices go unheard, their narratives untold. This is where Settle Stories, nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, takes center stage. Established in 2013, this dynamic charity champions the power of storytelling as a transformative tool, working to empower individuals and communities across the UK and beyond.

Settle Stories believes that everyone, regardless of age, background, or circumstance, possesses a story worth sharing. Yet, factors like isolation, social inequality, and cultural barriers can stifle these voices. This is where their work becomes crucial. Through a vibrant array of programs and initiatives, Settle Stories bridges divides, builds understanding, and amplifies unheard narratives.

Weaving Worlds of Connection
From bustling inner-city neighborhoods to remote rural communities, Settle Stories' impact extends beyond the picturesque Yorkshire dales. Their diverse programs address issues of loneliness, disenfranchisement, and lack of creative expression. They kindle a love for storytelling in school children, nurturing communication skills and confidence. They offer a platform for older adults to share their rich life experiences, combating isolation and celebrating wisdom.

Imagine teenagers from diverse backgrounds collaborating on a multimedia performance, their unique voices converging into a powerful chorus. Envision isolated seniors, their eyes sparkling as they recount childhood memories to captivated young ears. Picture communities coming together, celebrating shared heritage through music, dance, and spoken word. This is the enchantment that Settle Stories cultivates.

The statistics are telling: Over the past decade, they've reached over 50,000 individuals, conducted hundreds of storytelling workshops, and nurtured numerous artistic talents. Each shared story, each forged connection, each spark of creativity ignited – these are the threads that Settle Stories meticulously weaves into the fabric of society, creating a world where every narrative finds its place.

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