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Support Dogs

Provide, Train, And Support Specialist Assistance Dogs To Increase Independence And Quality Of Life For People With Various Medical Conditions

Support Dogs

Cause Impact

£10 Provides 24 Hours Of Vital Care And Assistance To Someone Affected By Autism, Epilepsy, Or Disability

About the Cause

Established in 1992, support dogs are a national charity dedicated to increasing independence and quality of life for people with various medical conditions. They provide, train, and support specialist assistance dogs to achieve this mission with rescue dogs making up 1/4 of their overall service dogs.

With no limit to the assistance they can provide, Support Dogs specializes in:
- Autism Assistance, for children with autism. The dogs are trained to provide safety for the child and
reduce stress in social environments.
- Seizure Alert, supporting people with epilepsy. Dogs are trained to provide 100% reliable warnings
prior to the onset of an epileptic seizure. This enables the client to find safety and be in control over
their seizure, allowing a much more independent life.
- Disability Assistance. The client’s own pet dog is trained to perform tasks that are specifically tailored
to their individual needs, providing them with greater independence and safety. This can range from
opening doors to retrieving medicine.

As registered members of the internationally-recognised governing body Assistance Dog UK, the welfare and training of all the assistance dogs is of paramount importance. All of the dogs providing assistance are given comfortable foster homes when training, medical checkups during their service, and are even given a nice retirement when they reach 10 years of age (that's human years).

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