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The Girls Network

Help us make a difference to the lives of thousands of teenage girls across the country

The Girls Network

Cause Impact

Supporting girls in need

About the Cause

Worldwide, millions of girls confront systemic barriers that curtail their opportunities and hinder them from realizing their full potential. Poverty, gender inequality, and a dearth of access to education and mentorship can perpetuate a cycle of disadvantage that appears insurmountable. Into this challenging landscape steps The Girls' Network, a beacon of hope for young women in underserved communities, empowering them to dismantle these barriers and redefine their destinies.

Conceived in 2013 by two dedicated secondary school teachers in London, The Girls' Network has broadened its impact to serve girls aged 14-19 across eight regions in the UK. Acknowledging the profound influence of positive role models and robust support systems, the organization connects these girls with inspiring female mentors who guide, encourage, and furnish them with the tools and confidence to thrive.

Breaking the Cycle, Igniting the Spark
Envision a world where every girl, irrespective of her background, has the opportunity to pursue her dreams. That's the vision propelling The Girls' Network. They comprehend that dismantling the cycle of disadvantage necessitates a multifaceted approach. Here's how they effect change:

Mentorship Program: At the core of their efforts lies a year-long, one-to-one mentoring program. Thoughtfully paired with experienced women from diverse professions, girls receive invaluable guidance, career advice, and emotional support.
Networking Events & Workshops: The Network transcends individual connections, constructing a vibrant community for its mentees. Regular workshops and events center on skill development, career exploration, and confidence building, exposing girls to diverse possibilities and fostering a sense of belonging.
Ambassador Community: Post-program completion, girls transition to a lifelong Ambassador Community. This network of young women provides ongoing support, peer mentorship, and opportunities to give back to future generations.
The impact of The Girls' Network is palpable and motivating. In a recent evaluation, 93% of mentees reported heightened confidence and self-esteem. 87% felt more prepared for higher education and employment, and 76% developed stronger career aspirations. These statistics paint a picture of lives transformed, futures ignited, and dreams set ablaze.

Supporting The Girls' Network is an investment in the future. By empowering girls today, we create a ripple effect that fortifies communities, nurtures gender equality, and unleashes the untapped potential of a generation. Join their mission, become a mentor, donate, or spread the word. Together, let's ensure every girl has the chance to shine.

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