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Lifelong support for those born unable to swallow


Cause Impact

Your donations will help to support people born with OA/TOF. A rare medical condition that affects 1 in 3,500 babies.

About the Cause

As a small charity, we receive no government funding and rely solely on donations and fundraising activities. Your support would be really appreciated and make a huge difference.

TOFS is only UK charity dedicated to offering lifelong support to those born with Oesophageal Atresia (OA) and Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula (TOF). We do this by supporting parents and adults affected by the condition, and working with medical professionals to educate them and encourage research.

OA/TOF rare conditions that affect 1 in 3,500 babies and occur when the oesophagus fails to develop correctly in the womb – effectively meaning the baby is born unable to swallow. While surgical correction may be possible in some cases, many people will go on to have medical complications throughout their lifetime.

TOFS aims are:

• Provide trusted information and support to OA/TOF patients regardless of age;
•. Spread awareness of OA/TOF conditions and their implications post-repair;
•. Facilitate peer-to-peer support and empower patients and their families to seek best outcomes.

We celebrated our 40th year anniversary in 2022 and have a growing membership of over 3000 people across the world.

TOFS Awareness Week runs each year alongside International Rare Disease Day

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