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Trauma Breakthrough

Trauma Breakthrough is a UK charity supporting adult survivors of trauma and abuse

Trauma Breakthrough

Cause Impact

£15 per/month supports provision of key services to trauma and abuse victims

About the Cause

The wounds of trauma often run deep, affecting millions globally in ways that may not be immediately apparent but leave lasting emotional and psychological scars. Trauma Breakthrough emerges as a beacon of hope, providing crucial support and tools for transformation to survivors across the UK.

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Bath, England, Trauma Breakthrough extends its impact beyond its geographical boundaries. Operating throughout the South West of England and offering national training programs, the organization empowers survivors and those around them with knowledge and tools to navigate the path to healing. Their mission, to break the cycle of trauma and empower survivors to reclaim their lives, resonates with thousands grappling with the aftermath of deeply painful experiences.

Impact: Fostering Resilience, Cultivating Hope
Trauma Breakthrough confronts the harsh realities of trauma's aftermath, acknowledging its devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities. Rather than succumbing to the darkness, the organization focuses on kindling the spark of resilience within each survivor.

Their services cover a comprehensive range. For survivors, Trauma Breakthrough provides a safe haven through individual and group therapy, tailored to address specific needs. Utilizing evidence-based practices like EMDR and creative therapies such as art therapy, they arm survivors with tools to manage overwhelming emotions, rebuild shattered self-esteem, and foster a sense of empowerment.

Beyond individual healing, Trauma Breakthrough recognizes the pivotal role of a supportive community. They offer support groups, workshops, and educational resources for families and professionals, promoting understanding and providing skills to support survivors on their journey. Notably, their innovative training programs educate friends, family members, and professionals in trauma-informed practices, creating a ripple effect of support and understanding within society.

The impact of their work is evident. In 2023 alone, Trauma Breakthrough supported over 500 survivors through therapy, facilitated more than 20 support groups, and trained over 1000 individuals in trauma-informed practices. Each life touched, each story of resilience woven back together, speaks volumes about their transformative power.

Yet, the need remains substantial. Thousands still grapple with the shadows of trauma, and every contribution, every act of support, brings them closer to a brighter future. By backing Trauma Breakthrough, you become a crucial part of the solution, extending hope and healing to those who need it most.

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