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Turtle Dove Trust

The Turtle Dove Trust provides captive bred Turtle Doves with a protected environment prior to releasing them into the wild

Turtle Dove Trust

Cause Impact

Your support will help save the Turtle Dove

About the Cause

The Turtle Dove Trust was founded in 2019. Based in East Angalia, we hope to expand into other areas. We have a passion for the conservation of wildlife and a particular interest in securing the future of the endangered Turtle Dove.

The Urgent conservation and study of the endangered Turtle Dove achieved by providing a safe breeding environment, the retention and creation of suitable nesting habitats and breeding in captivity and releasing locally in East Anglia.

Turtle Dova aim to continue to breed captivity for introduction to wild. The young birds are added to our foundation breeding flock in the expectation that the number bred will seasonally increase. All the original breeding birds are captive bred, some are several years old, and none have ever experienced living in the wild and migration.

Some of the cluthes of eggs with be parents hatched and reared. Others will be incubated or fostered by java Doves . Turtle Dova ensures that all their breeding Turtle Doves have the opportunity to raise at least one set of youngsters each season.

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