How do I select causes for my store?

Select 1-3 causes to partner with via Step 2 in On-boarding or by navigating to Causes page via the Dashboard menu. Click on cause cards to select causes. Unselect causes by clicking red X next to the cause's name just below the filters. Hit Save when you are happy with your selection. 

Can I change my partner causes later on?

Yes you can change your partner causes at any time. However the donations pledged to previously selected causes will be pending against your account and will need to be paid out. 


What does partnering with Causes mean for my store?

When you partner with causes you are offering to give a set amount or a percentage of product price on eligible products when those products are purchased by your customers. Your shoppers will see which causes you support, impact of your giving and choose which causes they want you to give to via Pledger Widgets. 

How does Pledger pick partner causes?

Pledger allows stores to partner with charities and give to specific causes. All of the charities on Pledger platform are registered charities. Charities must have causes with a clear impact to be featured on the platform and the stores donations go directly to supporting these causes. 

Can I recommend a charity or a cause?

Of course. Let us know which cause / charity you want to see on the platform here. 

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