Welcome to Pledger!

Pledger is a fundraising tool seamlessly connecting eCommerce merchants with meaningful causes for mutually beneficial partnerships. 

We’re passionate about meaningful conscious business and we want to help your Cause get your message out there and reach as many people as possible. 


The great thing is it doesn’t cost you anything. Pledger App allows eCommerce stores to discover amazing social and environmental causes, and donate to their chosen causes from product sales.


Shoppers get to choose where they want to see the store make their contribution post sale and in return they get to see their purchase contribute to making a meaningful difference. Great for them and great for you! 

Interested in being a part of Pledger platform? That's super exciting. Read on to find out lots more about how it works. 

How it works for causes

1. Register

Are you a registered Charity, CIC or a Social Enterprise? We are looking for collaborations that are meaningful, ethical and authentic. If you are doing amazing things and can prove impact of your work - get in touch! We can't wait. 

3. Pitch Campaigns

Have a creative campaign idea and want to partner with a specific brand? 

It's about creating a win-win. Pitch your campaign idea and share your plans with brands that strategically aline with you. 

2. Partner with brands

Work with brands that aline with your values. Your cause will appear post the brand's checkout for customers to select. 

4. Receive donations

You get all of your partner brand's donations to your cause.

Selection Criteria  

To become a partner Cause your organisation must be registered as a Charity, a Community Interest Organisation (CIC) or a Social Enterprise. Organisation must be registered in its country of operation - either in UK or abroad. We will need to see a proof of your organisation's legal status before featuring your cause on our platform. 

We know that our merchants love to see the impact of their donations. This means currently preference is given to Causes that have a clear transparent impact vs financial input data. We know this one can be tricky - get in touch with our team to help us understand where our merchants' donations will go in more detail. 

Online presence - merchants love to know as much as possible about Causes they are choosing to support. We will link to your public website / a website with information about your Organisation via our digital channels.

We manually verify and assess all Cause partners' information before Causes can feature on the platform. 

Getting started

Getting started with Pledger is easy. In most cases we can on-board new Organisations via email in a matter of hours.  There are times when a more involved process is required and we are happy to be taken through it by your team. 

Collecting your donations


Pledger communications will come from charities@pledger.co email address. We recommend whitelisting this email address to ensure communications about your account and general Pledger updates get to your Inbox. 

More questions? Keen to get started? We can't wait to hear from you. Please contact our team by emailing charities@pledger.co