Is there a minimum donation value?

No there is no minimum required from a store to start giving. However we only prompt Charities to pick up donations / stores to transfer donations when total donations to that Charity reach £20. If this hasn't happened by the 20th of the months, your payout status to that charity will be pending until that amount is reached. More about Payouts.

How is my store's giving calculated?

The percentage or £ amount you chose to donate to charities will be taken out of each eligible product's price when purchased. This is the product's price after tax and discounts. Pledger percentage will come out of total giving amount. So if you set your giving as 10% to charity and 10% to Pledger, when a £20 product is purchased, the total giving will be £2 where the charity will gets £1.8 and Pledger will gets £0.2. To ensure, for examples, that your Charity gets 20% and Pledger gets 10%, set your giving to 22.2%. Calculate your giving using the Giving Calculators here. 

How does donation capping / limiting donation amounts work?

The cap will ensure your monthly donations don't over the capped amount. Your first month is 30 days  post Pledger activation in your store. Post purchase pop up widget will no longer be visible to your customers if your cap for the month is reached unless you update your cap to a higher amount. 


Can I change my donation values later on?

Yes you can. However, if you change your monthly cap to a lower amount than what has already been donated for that month, you will still be required to pay out to the charities these amounts. 

When will I start getting charged for pledges made in my store?

You will be changed on the 20th of the month if the total to the Charity has reached £20. You will not be changed until this amount is reached. 

Do I have to give to Pledger?

While we put a lot of time, resources and love into building the platform, there is currently no obligation to pay to Pledger to use the platform :)

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