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How To Fundraise With Virtue

Here are some steps to help you bring in the most donations through Virtue. 

Please see our How It Works section if you would like to learn a little more about Virtue

Step 1 - Register for Virtue

We have over 20,000 causes and charities on our platform, and if your charity is a party of the PayPal Giving Fund UK you are already pre-registered with a fundraising profile:

If you are not yet registered with VIrtue, you can do this by signing off on our collaboration terms.

Step 2 - Create a Virtue Profile

All registered causes have an app profile, this is a great way for potential fundraising partners to learn a little more about your cause and why they should support you.

If you would like a Virtue Profile or would like to update your existing profile, message us directly at with the following information:

  • Cause Name

  • Cause Impact

  • Motto/Tagline

  • High Quality Logo

  • Cause Bio (recommend 200+ words)

  • Important dates

  • Learn More URL

Examples of profile information

Virtue Charity Descriptions

Step 3 - Mention Virtue on your website

Causes that mention Virtue on their websites see an increase in the number of retailers supporting them. We recommend mentioning Virtue on one of the following pages (if applicable for your cause):

  • Fundraising

  • How to Get Involved

  • Corporate Partnerships

  • Blog

We recommend linking to one of the following:

If you would like to share our logo on your site, you can download it here.

Virtue Fundraising Page

Example of website

Step 4 - Mention Virtue on your newsletter

It is likely that more than one of your existing newsletter readers will either work for a business that sells online or will have their own Shopify Store. Let them know that they can use Virtue to support your cause.

We have provided some copy and assets below to keep things simple

Example of newsletter email

'We are incredibly happy to announce a new fundraising tool.


We are now live on Virtue! An App that will allow online retailers in the UK to support us. If you or your company have a store on Shopify you can install their Shopify App and start fundraising for us in just a few minutes. If you are on another integration, check them out and see how you can get involved."

Newsletter Visual Assets

Virtue Social Impact

Step 5 - Mention Virtue on your Social Channels

Make sure that you tag us in your social posts so we can reshare any stories.

Virtue Handles

  • Instagram        @virtue_impact

  • TikTok               @virtue_impact

  • Facebook         @virtue giving

  • Twitter              @virtue_impact

  • Linkedin           @Virtue (formerly Pledger)

Sharable Social Assets

Below are social assets that you can share, you can download and share directly, or if you have a canvas account you can edit them to better fit your branding.

Cause - Instagram_blue (1).png

Download asset

Cause - Twitter_blue.png

Example of a social post

Virtue - Social Post Example.jpg

Step 6 - Ask us to promote you

We are always happy to promote your cause in any of the following ways:

  • Create social content promoting your cause

  • Resharing any online content that you tag us in

If you have any unique or interesting ways that we can collaborate, feel free to reach out to us directly at with your ideas.

Example of Virtue BLOG Post

Screenshot 2022-09-08 130917.jpg


  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
  • Twitter
We can't wait to hear from you

Salty Commune Coworking Space

6 Yorkton St,

London E2 8NH

United Kingdom

Bonus (best for regional charities) - Contact your local newspaper

We see a ton of stores from across the UK choosing to support their local causes. One of the best free ways to get in front of these stores is to contact your local newspaper.

Simply, go to your local newspaper's website and submit a press release. We have one here that you can use, just change the highlighted information to your own and it's ready to send.

Just copy the text below or download the press release template here.

Example of Press Release

[Cause Name] announces new Partnership with Virtue

[City, Date] - [Cause Name] is pleased to announce a new partnership with Virtue, a fundraising platform that connects online retailers with causes they care about across the UK. This partnership will allow [Cause Name] to instantly begin fundraising through online stores based in [City] and across the UK.


At [Cause Name] we are focused on [a few sentences about the cause mission]. Partnering with Virtue means that online shoppers can now support our cause when purchasing products online. They can also donate directly to the cause through the online store in just a few clicks.

If you are an online retailer based in [City] and would like to support [Cause Name], you can do so in just a few minutes with Virtue’s Shopify App. Or, contact them directly to see how you can start supporting us.

Contact Information:

[your name]

[your email or mobile number]



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