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The Wip

Purpose-Led eCommerce community membership

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Partner Type

Community Membership

Virtue Offer

  • 1 Free strategy consultation

Partner Bio

Born out of a desire to tackle ‘greenwashing’ in a space that is rife with misinformation, ethical industry leader Lucy Kebbell has founded The WIP. The disruptive digital membership platform supports small sustainable businesses through community and holistic business resources and events. The WIP is dedicated to growing and nurturing brands and companies that are pushing for a greener and more sustainable future.

  • 24/7 access to a dedicated Community Channel where they can connect and discuss their businesses, issues, share experiences and opportunities, as well as celebrate their achievements.

  • Unlock full access to the Resource Library, containing holistic b2b learning resources equipping members with the knowledge and tools they need to get on and grow their business.

  • Members-only events including virtual panel discussions and workshops, as well as networking events.

  • Working in a safe, accessible space where no question is invalid, and learning is commended.

The Wip Community
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