Picking the right plan for your store

Valid for stores that signed up after April 2022, if you signed up earlier please email support@pledger.co with any questions

Activate a plan before going live with Pledger in your store. 










Starter - awesome for emerging brands and stores expecting under 150 orders with donation. Pay only 0.2GBP on orders with store and/or customer donations. Your first 20 orders are completely free of charge on our end and you can go ahead and start sharing your giving story with shoppers right away. While we do our best to answer any questions as quickly as we can via chat & email, priority support is not included in this plan. This means that when we are particularly busy, it may take more than a few hours to get a reply. 

Growth - perfect if you expect more than 150 orders with a donation. Pay one fixed fee - use all of Pledger assets, promote your cause partnership & impact to customers, generate as many orders with donation as you want for one fixed fee. This plan is also great if you need priority support over chat and email (between 9-5pm Mon-Fri), which is particularly handy if you are building an experience for a client or need to go live asap. Your first 2 weeks of using Pledger are free of charge. 

Custom - want to make tweaks to look and feel of Pledger widgets? Get all the benefits of Growth Plan and more. We will help you change fonts, colours and images in Pledger widgets as well as set you up with a dedicated Accounts Manager to support and help you build your giving experience. 

Get assets to tell your giving story (NEW) - for a limited time, when you sign up with Pledger we will email you images and copy that you can use for your website, email out, social media and blog. Your causes will already be tagged! This option is only available for select Causes so if you want to double check if your cause is eligible - please email support@pledger.co


Canceling or changing your subscription - email support@pledger.co and we'll get this sorted asap. 


How to pick a plan post On-boarding?

Head to Billing screen via your Dashboard. 




Why am I redirected to Stripe billing?

Pledger uses Stripe  to manage donation payments from you and your customers to your chosen Causes and to Pledger. Once you are ready to add your payment details you will be redirected to  Stripe Customer Portal  to enter your payment details. 

Stripe is safe and ensures that your store's and customers' donations to Causes go directly into their accounts, for those Causes that have automated donations installed, while Pledger percentage goes directly to Pledger. If you are required to manually transfer funds to a Cause - you will not be changed on your card the donation, only the Pledger portion of the payment, if it applies. 

How does Pledger ensure my donations safely reach the charity?

By using Stripe Connect  we ensures that your donations to Causes go directly into their accounts while Pledger percentage goes directly to Pledger. A lot of the Causes you donate to will be connected with Stripe Connect to receive donations from your business and customers. Over time we expect all of our Causes to be connected to Stripe, however, there are still Causes that require a manual donation. See 'Payouts' for more details. 

What if my payment details change?

You can add, delete and change card details via Billing in the Dashboard at any time. 

Adding multiple cards

If you add more than one card, Stripe will attempt to take out donation amounts from the first card you have added, it will have a 'Default' tag next to it. If the funds are insufficient, it will automatically move onto attempting to take out the amount from other added cards in consecutive order (top to bottom). 

Can I go live and add my payment details later?

You can create and set up Pledger without adding payment details. However, having payment details set up is required before you can Go Live with Pledger. Going Live means Pledger widgets appear in your store, donations can start coming in and customers can interact with the widgets. 

Can't find answers in support documentation? We would love to help you get started with Pledger. Flick us an email to support@pledger.co or use Chat (bottom right) to get hold of support.

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