In Payouts interface you will see the following: 

Charity - this is a list of your chosen Charities to which your donations will be going to. 

Total Amount - this is the total donations to each of your chosen charities. If you have chosen to give to multiple causes from the same charity, the total donations from all of the Charity's causes will show here. If you have chosen to contribute a %ge of your giving to Pledger, this %ge will be included in these totals. 

Date - this is the date when the donations have been or are due to be transferred to the charity. Charities are notified to collect their donations on the 20th of each month. however, some charities may choose to pick up their donations post the due date. 

Status - there are 3 statuses for the payouts. There are Pending, Processed and Failed. Pending Status means that the Charity is due to receive or collect the donation.  Processed Status means your donations are now with the Charity. Failed status is most common when there weren't enough funds on your card to cover the payout amounts. You will be contacted by Pledger & prompted to top up if your payment has failed. 

Using the Date filter 

Use the date filter to see past and upcoming payouts by selecting the date range you wish to see payouts for. 





Payout Date vs Monthly Cap 

Payout date is the 20th of each month while Monthly Cap  is the amount you wish your donations not to exceed over every 30 days post pledger activation, 

Automated via Manual Donation Payouts 

There are two types of payouts - manual and automated. Manual payouts are made to Charities via their website. You will be lead to the right page on their site to make a donation and prompted to upload a receipt or a screenshot as a proof that the donation has been made. Pledger %ge, if applicable, will, however go to Pledger automatically. 

Automated donations will come out of your account and to your Charity automatically. They will safely reach your Charity via Stripe Connect , more on that here. 

Pledger %ge will go to Pledger automatically, if applicable. 

Not all of our Charities have a Stripe Connect account and while we are working hard to automate all donations, we did not want this to be a blocker for you or our Charity partners. This is why we are currently allowing manual donations.

Minimum payout amount (donation threshold)

Donations need to reach a minimum amount in order to be collected by the Charities. This is to avoid unnecessary payment processing fees on smaller donations. If the donation amount hasn't reached the threshold, donations will not be transferred to a charity until this threshold is reached in the upcoming month/s. Donation status will remain as Pending.  As of June 2021, the thresh hold is  20GBP. 

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