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There are 4 ways that Causes receive funds from merchants 

1. PayPal - this is the most common and a preferred way Causes on Virtue choose to receive funds. Once the store connects their PayPal account, Causes that selected this donation method will receive funds into their PayPal Giving Fund account. 

2. Stripe - select Causes receive donations into their Stripe Account each month. Funds go to Charities directly from the card that merchants input when selecting their Virtue subscription.

3. Manually- in some cases we can organise for the store to transfer donations manually / into the Cause's bank account or via their website. This method is typically used when an agreement of how funds will be distributed to the Cause already exists between the merchant and the Cause or when the the Cause could not setup an alternative way of receiving funds.  

4. Through Virtue - Virtue Impact Partners receive funds directly from Virtue. This means the store's giving goes to Virtue who then pay partners for the impact generated. 

1. Causes on PayPal


We are partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund to ensure your donations reach your causes automatically every month 


We are excited and delighted to share that Virtue is partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund to ensure your donations reach your causes automatically every month  We heard from a lot of stores that manual donations are a hassle - so we changed things around! We also know that as well as using Virtue to discover new causes, sometime stores have specific organisations they want to team up with. This is where the PPGF partnership comes in. 

What does Virtue X PayPal Giving Partnership mean?

From August 2022 store and customer donations to 20,000+ causes will be processed by the PayPal Giving Fund. (PPGF). This means your donations will automatically go to your causes on the 20th of the month.

Virtue is incredibly excited to partner with PayPal Giving Fund to enable stores to find the perfect causes from our eco-system of 20,000+ UK for-good organisations. 

Your store will be prompted to create/connect your PayPal account to Virtue

You will be prompted to create/connect a PayPal account to ensure automated donations reach your causes.

Are there fees for automating donations?

As per the Charities agreement with PayPal Giving Fund, a reduced PayPal fee for processing donations of 1.6% +20p is applied on monthly donations. 

When do we need to connect Virtue to PayPal?

You will be prompted to create/connect your PayPal account to Virtue on the 20th of the month, so on the day  that the upcoming donations are due. Most stores can also do this right away via the Payout screen

2. Causes on Stripe 

A few of our causes are not managed by PPGF, if you are supporting one of these causes there will be no change to the way donations are sent and you will not be prompted to connect to PayPal. Funds will go to these causes directly from the card added to Virtue when picking your Subscription. Here is a list on these causes:

Action Mental Health (automated)
World Bicycle Relief (automated)
MenTalkHealth UK (automated)
Safe Hands (automated)
Lake District Foundation (automated)
British-Ukrainian Aid (automated)
Just One Tree (automated)
Little Lifts (automated)

3. Causes that receive payouts manually

7 Clean Seas (manual)

Rainbow Railroad (manual)


If you would like to send funds manually for other causes - please speak to the team. 

4. Virtue Impact Partners*

Virtue Impact Partners receive funds directly from Virtue. This means that the store's funds go to Virtue and are then distributed to these the partners by Virtue.

Please note that while merchant will still receive a donation confirmation receipt on payout, if your chosen cause is delivered by a number of impact partners, we are right now unable to breakdown how much of an individual donation went to a specific partner from you store.  Upon request, you can find out how cumulative funds were distributed on a quarterly basis.

*These causes have a Virtue Impact Partner badge

Have questions?

Please reach out to - we'd love to help.

Can't find answers in support documentation? We would love to help you get started with Virtue. Flick us an email to or use Chat (bottom right) to get hold of support.

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