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August Awareness Days 2024

Updated: Jan 24

August Awareness Days

Awareness Days Calendar 2024

August Awareness Days


National Dog Month

August 1 - Aug 31, 2024

While this month was founded by a slightly biased party (Milkbone), August is a great month to support K9s in all forms. Whether it be fostering Spaniels in the UK or rescuing and rehoming them in a no-kill shelter like Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Charities and Causes to support for National Dog Month:

There are some great dog charities that you can support today. Here are a few:

  • DOTS (Dogs on the Streets) - Helping the companions of the homeless with food and medical services.

  • Dogs Trust - Working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction

  • Blue Cross - Our hospitals provide veterinary care for the pets of people who cannot afford private vet fees

International Assistance Dog Week

August 4 - August 10, 2024

This is an opportunity to recognize the hardworking assistance dogs working with those in need; including people with mental and physical disabilities. Assistance dogs are an invaluable source of support and comfort and many great organisations are working to train and provide these wonderful K9s.

Charities and Causes to support for International Assistance Dog Week:

  • Support Dogs - Working with dogs to help increase the quality of life for people with various medical conditions

Support Dogs International Assistance Dog Week

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International Cat Day

August 8, 2023

International Cat Day celebrates and raises awareness about cats as companion animals, promoting their welfare, and highlighting the importance of responsible cat ownership.

Charities and Causes to support on International Cat Day:

There are some great cat charities that you can support today. Here are a few:

  • Cats Protection - rescues, cares for, and rehomes cats, providing educational resources and promoting responsible cat ownership.

  • International Cat Care - works to improve the health and well-being of cats through education, veterinary guidance, and supporting high standards of feline care.

  • Blue Cross - provides veterinary care, rehoming services, and advice for pet owners, including cat welfare initiatives and support for responsible pet ownership.

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

August 9, 2024

Started by the United Nations in 1982, the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples is an opportunity to reflect on and support the incredibly diverse and unique cultures and people on earth. It is an opportunity to celebrate the peoples while focusing on the challenges faced by populations including land rights, resource rights, and the preservation of their cultures and traditions.

Charities and Causes to support on the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples:


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