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BaileysBespoke - Big Impact on People, Small Impact on the Environment

Updated: May 8, 2022

The Idea for BaileysBespoke started over a few pints, and the vision was to oversee the crafting of every item that departs their workshop; from the very first stitch to the packing and dispatch.

The Story Behind BaileysBespoke

BaileysBespoke was started by Tristan and Peter back in 2019 with the vision of doing everything in-house from the first to the final stitch.

"We don’t sell anything unless either one of us has crafted it"- Tristan Young

Bailey's Bespoke Shopify Store

It started as a hobby for Peter, making hats was a nice way to unplug and relax. Tristan joined and tried his hand at the supply chain.

"I ordered about 75 square feet of leather, and when it arrived I realized I had over-ordered by a massive amount."

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, when you order 75 square feet of leather you make EDC Leather Keyring Clips.

Starting with smaller products like key rings, the next 14 months were spent planning, practicing, and perfecting the leather game. What started out as a hobby for both founders, eventually turned into "high-quality goods for the modest adventurer."

Which Causes Are They Supporting?

Both founders are from South England and grew up with an appreciation for the environment. The love of nature has been an integral part of the company's ethos. All packaging comes from previously recycled material that can be recycled again by their customers.

Beyond their sustainable practices in the shop, they support causes directly through sales on their online shop including:

How Are They Fundraising?

Using Pledger's Shopify Plugin, BaileysBespoke supports these charities directly, ensuring that 5% of every sale goes towards one of the selected causes.

ecommerce charity fundraising

How to Get Involved

With BaileysBespoke

If you want to support Just One Tree, Mind, or Sea Shepard you can head directly to the BaileysBespoke Online Shop and make a purchase.

Or, if you want to contact them directly, send them an email at

With Pledger

If you want to get involved with Pledger either as a retailer supporting causes or as a charity fundraising on the platform you can reach out to us directly at

Or, take a look at our app on the Shopify App Store.

At Pledger, we keep things simple. As a shop, you can either give a portion of your sales directly to a charity, or you can ask your customers to give a little at the end of their purchase (or both).


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