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Best Digital Fundraising Platforms and Charity CRMs

Updated: May 29

Digital fundraising platforms and donor CRMs

In the competitive landscape of fundraising, providing a simple way for corporate partners aka businesses to fundraise essential for charities looking to raise charitable donations. Charities are leveraging the power of corporate donor management CRMs and digital fundraising solutions to optimize and maximize corporate fundraising and raise more funds.

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Digital Fundraising Solutions for Charities - how they compare

Data gathered in May 2024.

Start-to-end fundraising solutions for businesses

Supporting charities through corporate social responsibility initiatives has become increasingly accessible for businesses looking to invest in corporate partnerships. thanks to the availability of convenient tools and services that streamline the process of generating CPAs directly within charity CRM solutions, providing giving data visibility and other functionality that makes giving easy for businesses and charities.


Virtue is simple to set up and enables businesses across industries and technologies to support charities that matter to them. Businesses can go live in minutes, give from sales, empower their customers to add donations, as well as range of other corporate fundraising campaign types such as employee giving. This innovative platform allows companies to seamlessly support causes they believe in, enhancing brand loyalty by involving customers in philanthropic endeavors. Charities, in turn, receive impactful support with minimal effort, leveraging Virtue's comprehensive capabilities to facilitate meaningful partnerships and contributions.

  • Compliance and Commercial Participation Agreements (CPA) are taken care of

  • Automated disclosures and other fundraising features

  • Save time, raise more funds

  • Charities have full visibility of who is fundraising for them, when and how

  • Charities manage how their brand is presented on the platform

See Virtue alternatives and how Virtue compares to other tools above.

Work for Good

Work for Good CRM

Work for Good specializes in creating partnerships between businesses and charities, making it simple for companies to support charities. This setup benefits both parties: businesses can support causes they care about, while charities get to have a piece of mind that businesses have a CPA agreement in place and are given the right disclosures to showcase to their customers.

Note that businesses input fundraising information manually into platform

See Work for Good alternatives and how Work for Good compares to other tools above.

Retail and eCommerce Charity Fundraising Tools

As eCommerce retail has experienced exponential growth in recent years, the availability of specialized tools for online charitable fundraising has also surged. This represents a significant resource for brands seeking to engage customers and contribute back to society while offering charities a straightforward way to raise funds through checkout donations, roundups, giving a portion of sales and more. Great news is that because of the automations available Charities and businesses can often get great data and some fundraising CRM functionalities.

Virtue for Retail

Beyond fundraising compliance, Virtue is an exceptional tool for managing eCommerce donations and fostering customer engagement through impactful campaigns.

Benefits and features:

  • Go live in minutes - Virtue integrates with Shopify, Shopify+, Magento, Adobe Commerce Cloud and WooCommerce

  • Give from sales

  • Empower customers to add donations

  • Multiple giving campaign features to choose from - roundup, donation matching, checkout donations and more

  • See and share your store's impact with customers

  • Engage customers during and after purchase

Whether you're new to supporting a cause or seeking to leverage Virtue's technology for existing partnerships, this platform offers seamless functionality and has garnered outstanding customer reviews. It's the ideal solution for facilitating customer donations, launching successful campaigns, and maximizing the effectiveness of charitable initiatives with online retailers.

See Virtue alternatives and how Virtue compares to other tools above.


Pennies Customer Donations

Pennies is a platform that facilitates charitable giving and customer engagement in retail settings. It allows customers to make small donations, usually by rounding up their transactions, during purchases. This simple method enables businesses to support charitable causes, and customers can contribute easily to meaningful initiatives. Pennies integrates philanthropy into everyday retail transactions, adding a positive social impact to shopping experiences.

See Pennies alternatives and how Pennies compares to other tools above.


POGO charity donations

Pogo offers an easy way to donate and engage with customers. Customers can round up transactions to donate small amounts. Pogo also provides an option to donate and receive a discount on your order, integrating philanthropy into purchases for a positive impact.

Note that development effort may be required to integrate with Pogo.

See Pogo alternatives and how Pogo compares to other tools above.

Payment Gateways with Donation Options

By streamlining the donation process during transactions, payment platforms that allow for charity contributions are a boon to nonprofits. These platforms offer a trifecta of benefits: facilitating seamless donations, increasing cause visibility, and providing convenient contribution methods for supporters. Ultimately, this translates to a boost in fundraising efforts and a greater impact for charitable organizations.

Adyen Giving

adyen charity

Adyen is a seamless solution works directly with the Adyen checkout process, allowing shoppers to support your chosen nonprofits during the familiar purchase flow. Adyen Giving accepts a variety of popular payment methods, ensuring a smooth donation experience.

Keep in mind that Adyen giving is only available for businesses using Adyen payment gateways. Donation features may not be enabled by default on all businesses. You can see Adyen's market share here (Source: Statista).

PayPal Donate Button

PayPal Charity Donations

PayPal's Donate Button enables easy donation processing and support for charitable causes directly through online transactions including for customer donations.

When enabled by the business, customers can add donations to Charities during their purchases.

Note that PayPal Donate Button is available on sites using PayPal when enabled by the business. Good news is that PayPal is a popular solution that holds a decent market share - more here.

Donor Management & Fundraising CRMs

Donor management tools streamline the process of tracking and engaging with donors for nonprofit organizations. These tools are helpful for charities because they centralize donor information, automate communication, and provide insights to enhance fundraising strategies, ultimately fostering stronger relationships with supporters and improving fundraising efficiency.


Beacon donor management CRM

Beacon is a highly customizable cloud-based fundraising CRM catering to diverse charity needs, including fundraising management and robust reporting. However, it may be costlier for smaller charities.


blackbaud  donor management CRM

Blackbaud is a versatile software provider tailored for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Their CRM offers various levels of fundraising capabilities to meet the unique needs of organizations. The system is designed to be user-friendly and scalable, enabling organizations to begin with basic features and scale up to more comprehensive functionalities as required.


donorfly donor management CRM

Donorfy is a cloud-based platform designed for small to medium-sized non-profits with a focus on ease of use.


DonorPerfect donor management CRM

DonorPerfect is a feature-rich platform with a strong focus on fundraising but may be expensive for smaller charities.

Access Charity CRM

Access Charity CRM donor management CRM

Access Charity CRM is a UK-based solution offering compliance with local data regulations but may have limited availability outside the UK.

Selecting the Right Corporate Fundraising Tools: Consider Your Needs

Factors to consider when choosing a CRM or donor management tool:

  • Budget: While some platforms will have tons of great features the price tag might be more than its worth or more than your organisation can afford

  • Technical Expertise: It is important to understand the learning curve for a new platform. If a platform has a ton of features but is too difficult to use then it is not worth it for your organisation

  • Specific needs: Every charity has its own unique needs and concerns. When choosing a tool make sure if will help to solve your problems

  • Scalability: Make sure that the platform you choose can grow and adapt to your team's changing needs

 Benefits of CRMs for Charities

  1. Centralized Data Management: CRMs consolidate donor data, including contact details, donation history, preferences, and volunteer activities, providing a comprehensive view of each supporter.

  2. Personalized Communication: Tailored emails, newsletters, and thank-you messages can be sent using CRMs, improving donor engagement and retention.

  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: CRMs generate insightful reports on donor demographics, giving patterns, and campaign effectiveness, enabling charities to refine their fundraising strategies.

  4. Workflow Automation: CRMs automate repetitive tasks like sending receipts or managing recurring donations, freeing up staff time for more strategic initiatives.

  5. Enhanced Collaboration: CRMs facilitate secure, authorized access for team members, fostering teamwork and improving donor service.


If you are looking for a simple and effective fundraising solution to grow and manage your corporate giving - let's talk! Virtue offers compliant fundraising for businesses across industries. Go live in minutes and start maximizing on your corporate partnerships,


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