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7 Best Shopify Tree Planting Apps

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Tree planting is a tried and true way to make a positive impact on your business, and with the Shopify App Store it has never been easier.

Shopify Tree Planting App list

Why plant trees with your store?

Tree planting is not only an impactful way to offset carbon emissions and protect the planet, but it is also an easily digestible way for consumers to see a real impact made by a business.

1 tonne of CO2 is an abstract concept for a lot of people, but saying that is the average amount of CO2 absorbed by a tree over its life is something that a lot of people can understand.

Why use a Tree Planting Shopify App?

One of the most impactful ways to communicate and showcase a tree-planting initiative is to plant a tree (or multiple trees) with every order. While this can be done manually by any store owner, Tree Planting Shopify Apps are great because they take care of the entire process:

  • Tracking the number of orders (and trees pledged)

  • Paying the tree planting initiatives

  • Tracking trees planted to date

  • Providing widgets and assets to show your customers

Not only that, but with the ease of installing a Shopify app onto your store you can start planting trees in just a few minutes!

Here are the apps that your store can use for planting trees today


Virtue Shopify Tree Planting

Virtue started with a Shopify Integration solely for giving back - but has since evolved into a platform allowing merchants to align with any cause their customers will care about. Not only can you plant trees with Virtue, but you can also offset plastic, protect animal habitat, or support some of the 40,000 unique causes on the platform.

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (43 Shopify Reviews)

Free Trial: Yes

Product Features:

  • Plant multiple trees per order

  • Track trees planted to date

  • Automated payouts

  • Social Impact Upselling

  • Support other social and environmental initiatives

Plant Trees with Ecologi

Shopify Ecologi Tree Planting App

Ecologi is one of the biggest players in the online tree planting space. They work with individuals, businesses, and everything in between to make the tree planting process as simple and visual as possible. This is their Shopify app.

Shopify Rating: 4.0 (23 Shopify Reviews)

Product Features:

  • Get started in just a few minutes

  • Set tree planting limits

  • Plant a tree with each sale or set a dollar limit

  • Create a virtual forest you can charge with your customers

One Tree Planted at Checkout

One Tree Planted Shopify Tree Planting App

One Tree Planted at checkout is a different take on the tree planting process. Instead of planting trees directly with your store customers have the ability to add $1 at checkout to plant a tree. Your store will not be planting directly, your store is turning into a great option for sustainably minded customers who want an easy option for planting trees.

Shopify Rating: 4.8 (37 Shopify Reviews)

Product Features

  • No hidden fees

  • Customers foot the bill for the impact

  • Track tree planted vie your store

Sprout: Plant Trees Grow Sales

Sprout Tree Planting Shopify App

Developed by GoodApi, Sprout is a simple tool to help merchants plant trees, become more environmentally sustainable, and connect with customers that care about the environment. Within your store you can embed widgets to showcase your positive impact. Merchants can also support other initiatives including; improving coral reef health, reviving natural habitats, and fighting against climate change.

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (153 Shopify Reviews)


  • Market your impact to customers with badges, videos, and counters

  • Multi currency and multi language

  • Works with Shopify POS

  • Support other initiatives like improving coral reef help

1 Product 1 Tree

1 Product 1 Tree Shopify App

1 Product 1 Tree was created by Tree Nation to help Shopify brands plant trees with each order. This service allows you to plant trees and track on a map where the tree palmting projects are. Tree Nation also have integrations

Shopify Rating: 4.2 (18 Shopify Reviews)


  • Track trees planted and equivalent carbon offset

  • Plant a tree with every order

  • See the planting locations of trees on a worldwide map

Greenspark - Plant Trees

Greenspark Tree Planting for Shopify

Greenspark allows shops to plant trees, rescue plastic, and carbon offset to help customers feel directly connected to the positive actions their purchases enable. You can use their badges, wiegets, and customer dashboard to engage customers across their user journey to help increase conversions, basket size, repeat purchase rate, and lifetime value.

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (12 Shopify Reviews)


  • Attach impact to products, orders, or amount spent

  • Can also offset plastic and capture carbon

  • Customisable widgets to engage customers

  • Track and manage impact

Ecodrive: Plant Verified Trees

Ecodrive Tree Planting Ap for Shopify Stores

Brands can work with this Ecodrive integration to provide a tree planting service that works with the power of blockchain to track trees planted. Ecodrive allows merchants to align with conscious consumers and can help increase conversions, customer experience, and LTV (all while protecting the planet).

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (14 Shopify Reviews)


  • Trees are verified using timestamps

  • Tree planting locations are tracked with geo tags

  • Track trees planted and connect with your customers

eCommerce Tree Planting Applications


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