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12 Best Sustainable Agencies for Ethical eCommerce Brands

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Agencies are incredibly valuable resources for eCommerce stores looking to rebrand or grow, but with nearly 15,000 agencies to choose from it can be difficult to know which ones are a good fit for you. Here are a few to look at if you are a sustainable/ethical brand.

What is a Sustainable eCommerce Agency?

Sustainability is typically associated with the environment and carbon emissions, but there are additional factors that should be considered when looking at an eCommerce agency. What types of brands do they work with, are they supporting any charities, do they offset carbon emissions, which eCommerce platforms do they work with, etc.

Here are a few agencies that you might want to check out:

Sustainable Shopify Agencies

Noughts & Ones

Noughts & Ones is an award-winning eCommerce agency focusing on ethical and sustainable DTC brands. As people and planet-conscious Shopify experts, the team at Noughts & Ones are constantly pushing their clients to reduce their digital footprints. They have previously worked with ethical brands including Ocean Saver, The Cheeky Panda, and Hunter & Gather. Noughts & Ones have been offsetting with Greenspark to reduce its environmental footprint. To date, they have offset over 80 Tonnes of CO2 and over 6000 plastic bottles worth of plastic to date.

Noughts and ones Sustainable Shopify Agency

We Make Websites

We Make Websites have been around for over 10 years and have worked on well over 500 projects to date. In that time they have worked with some great ethical brands like Pangia and Pure Electric.

A large part of their business is rooted in giving back - as they are actively supporting some great charities including Code Nation, Indspire, and Outrunners. In addition to their giving, they also encourage their employees to take time off to support their own voluntary projects.

We Make Websites Ethical Agency

Sustain Agency

Sustain was founded to support independent fashion brands and help them grow sustainably. Choosing to only work with environmentally conscious brands, Sustain has worked with many clients including &daughter and Bring Me The Horizon.

Not only do they work with sustainable brands, but they also practice what they preach. To date, they have planted over 1800 trees offsetting 116 tonnes of carbon with ecologi.

Sustain Agency Sustainable eCommerce Agency


sustainable ecommerce agency

Support Causes from sales with store and customer checkout donations. Virtue is an easy to set up charity donations app for eCommerce brands built on Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.


Sustainable WordPress Agencies


Services: Website carbon audits, low-carbon web design, consultancy services, 100% renewable-powered hosting for clients

Leap are a B Corp-certified creative agency using the power of design and strategy to make positive change. Founded in 2004 (and certified in 2016), Leap has been passionate about working sustainably since long before it was cool, working with clients such as The Ocean Conservation Trust, Surfers Against Sewage, and Barnados.

Leap Sustainable Wordpress Agency

Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain was formed in 2007 by husband/wife duo Tom and Vineeta Greenwood. They had one goal in mind - to help positive organizations to thrive online.

Since then they have become leaders in the digital sustainability space. They offer services including; low-carbon web design, carbon calculator development, and sustainability workshops for their clients. They have also worked with some great organizations in the past including UNICEF, Oxfam, and ECOVER.

Wholegrain Digital Sustainable eCommerce Agency

Atomic Smash

Atomic Smash are experts on WordPress and Woocommerce, having worked with many ethical businesses and charities including Positive News, Alpine Society, and Bristol Pride.

They also support a number of sustainable initiatives including tree panting (they have planted over 3000 trees to date) and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

Atomic Smash Sustainable eCommerce and WooCommerce Agency


Sustainable Magento Agencies


Services: SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Google Shopping, Marketplace management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email marketing

CueBlocks was founded in 2005 as an eCommerce agency for ethical, sustainable, and purpose-driven brands. Initially focused on Magento - they also work with Shopify and WooCommerce brands. Their growing team of 50 eCommerce specialists are based in India and the EU.


Sustainable Marketing Agencies


Services: Brand Positioning, Content Marketing, Social Media, PPC, Digital Sustainability Advisory

Kollectify is the first zero-waste digital marketing agency for eCommerce businesses. Inspired by the 3 passions of its founder (Krissie); eCommerce, sustainability, and great marketing.

They focus on delivering services that are zero waste of your time, money and emissions. Supporting you to improve customer engagement, increase sales and revenue and reduce your digital carbon footprint.

Kollectify give back to local charities such as Surfers Against Sewage, Community Environmental Educational Therapy CIC and regularly take part in beach cleans

Kollectify Sustainable Agency

Footprint Digital

Services: Services: SEO, PPC, CRO, Site Build & Migration Support, Digital Marketing Auditing, Digital Carbon Footprint Auditing, Analytics and Digital Marketing training

Founded in 2011, the team at Footprint Digital set out to change the way businesses do digital with a focus on helping brands to grow while reducing their digital carbon footprint.

Having worked with many organizations including the NHS, Oxfam and the Department for International Trade. They are an agency choice for businesses and non-profits alike.

Footprint Digital Sustainable Agency


Services: Funnel strategy, email marketing

Bushy works with socially and environmentally conscious brands across the world. Experts in eCommerce funnel strategy and email marketing, they work with their clients to deliver ethical profits to ethical businesses.

Bushy Ethical Marketing Agency

Growth Animals

Services: Marketing strategy, branding and communications, digital marketing, sustainable web design

Growth Animals is on a mission to clean up marketing and put ethics right at the forefront of the industry. Founders Chris and Jen created Growth Animals after 15 years of working with brands like Carlsberg and Issey Miyake.

Growth Animals are carbon-negative businesses with a pending B-corp, they also work with and volunteer for charities that align with their values.

Dandelion Branding

Services: Brand and holistic marketing strategy, UX experience audit, website updating service, content marketing

Dandelion Branding is a women-owned and operated sustainable marketing agency.

They are 1% for the planet members and focus on using sustainable marketing techniques that are both friendlier to the planet and manageable long term.

Their mission is to have a positive social and environmental impact by organically growing brands, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises that are dedicated to creating resilient change in the world.

Dandelion Branding Sustainable Marketing Agency

Sustainable Shopify Integration

Support Causes from sales with store and customer checkout donations. Virtue is an easy to set up charity donations app for eCommerce brands built on Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. Choose from 20,000 causes!


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Hey - this is a great list of socially aware agencies. We at CueBlocks work with purpose driven organisations and sustainable brands. It'll be great to get listed here whenever this page is updated and if you deem fit. You can read more about us here - Cheers.

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