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Best Charities working to end Slavery and Human Trafficking to Donate to

Updated: Jan 26

Anti Slavery Charities

How prominent is Slavery and Human Trafficking?

Most people consider slavery and human trafficking to be a thing of the past - between the 15th and 19th centuries, it is estimated that 13 million people were captured and sold into slavery.

Unfortunately - recent studies have found that there are currently more people in slavery than at any other time in human history, with some estimates showing that nearly 50 million people are living in modern slavery conditions. Of that number, it is estimated that 70% are female and 25% are children.

Slavery can take many forms including human trafficking, forced labour, bonded labour, child slavery, forced marriage, and domestic servitude.

slavery and human trafficking map
Slavery prevalence worldwide

Brands making a difference


Elegantees is a clothing brand focused on sustainable and ethical fashion. Founded in 2010 by Katie Martinez, Elegantees works to support the survivors of slavery and human trafficking.

The business partners with and supports safe havens and facilities supporting survivors. These facilities help provide essentials, employment opportunities, and the skills needed to rebuild lives.

They are also supporting several anti-slavery charities by donating a percentage of proceeds including. You can read more about their story and the charities they support here.

Here are a few charities fighting against slavery and human trafficking:

  • Hope for Justice

  • Child Rescue Nepal

  • anti-slavery

  • Their Voice

  • A21

  • Free the Slaves

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Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice Charity

Hope for Justice is a global organisation working to eliminate slavery and human trafficking. This charity has many pillars of focus including prevention, victim rescue, restoration, and reform. They also work with survivors, advocate for change, and support survivors through various programs and partnerships.

Child Rescue Nepal

Child Rescue Nepal Charity

Child Rescue Nepal is a charity focused on fighting child slavery and exploitation in Nepal. They focus on prevention, rescuing children, as well as helping survivors to rejoin the world. They work closely with local communities and law enforcement to help make a difference.


anti-slavery charity

Anti-Slavery International was established back in 1839 making it one of the oldest organisations focused on ending slavery. They focus on the root causes of slavery, working towards policy change, raising awareness, and collaborating with governments and other organisations to make an impact.

Their Voice

Their Voice Charity

Their Voice is a charity focused on supporting survivors of slavery. Founded in 2015 the cause started supporting by donating gift baskets for survivors. These baskets would include living essentials as well as handwritten messages of encouragement.


A21 Charity

A21 is another great charity focused on ending slavery and human trafficking. Founded in 2008, A21 rescues victims and provides support for survivors. They also operate many programmes including awareness campaigns, legal support, outreach, and partnerships with law enforcement.

Free the Slaves

Free the Slaves Charity

Founded in 2000, Free the Slaves is a great charity fighting the root causes of modern-day slavery. They support community-based initiatives as well as advocacy efforts to help liberate those impacted and support survivors.


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