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10 Best Clean Water Charities to support

Best Clean Water Charities

Global Access to Clean Water

Envision a scenario where the availability of uncontaminated, secure water is not a luxury but an inherent human entitlement. Unfortunately, this idyllic vision remains elusive for 2.2 billion individuals worldwide. The prevalence of polluted water sets the stage for a destructive cycle of ailments, poverty, and inhibited progress. Annually, the toll is stark, with 780,000 children succumbing to the grim consequences of unsafe water – a stark reminder of the imperative nature of this global emergency.

Global Sanitation Map

Why are Clean Water Charities Important?

However, within this harsh reality, a beacon of hope shines through. A determined coalition of clean water charities is tirelessly reshaping the narrative, introducing life-sustaining remedies to some of the planet's most vulnerable communities. These organizations concentrate on diverse facets of the water crisis: from drilling wells and installing pumps to implementing sanitation systems and educational programs on hygiene. Some undertake expansive infrastructure initiatives, while others empower local communities to judiciously manage their water resources for long-term sustainability.

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Businesses Supporting Clean Water Charities

Supporting a clean water initiative is a great way to give back and show support. In recent years we have seen many businesses giving back as part of their Blue Friday Campaigns.

In 2023 Virtue was pleased to support Stanley 1913 during their Glow Week Campaign. Over the week, Stanley donated 50% of sales in support of charity:water. As a result of this collaboration - Stanley was able to support 5 major projects helping more than 6,100 people across Cambodia, Sierra Leone, and Niger.

Stanley charity: water

Clean Water Awareness Days

There is never a better time for businesses looking to support a clean water charity than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated to supporting clean water initiatives including; World Water Day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, and World Water Day.

Here are a few of the best clean water charities to support:

Water Aid

Water Aid Charity

Water Aid was created in 1981 with the goal of transforming the lives of those living in water poverty. They work in over 35 countries and focus on bringing access to clean water, hygiene, and sanitation to those in need.

In 2022-2023 Water Aid supported over 25 million people with access to clean water

World Vision

World Vision Water Charity

Founded in 1950, World Vision stands as a global Christian humanitarian organization tirelessly addressing water scarcity in more than 60 countries. In the year 2022, they made a significant impact by providing clean water access to over 16.7 million people.

charity: water

charity: water impact charity

Established in 2006, charity: water directs its focus on funding sustainable clean water solutions in East Africa. Their cumulative impact is impressive, having successfully completed over 88,000 water projects and bringing clean water to a noteworthy 12.4 million people.


PATH clean water charity

Operational since 1973, PATH is renowned for developing and delivering innovative health technologies, including affordable water filters and sanitation solutions on a global scale. From 2013 onwards, their impact has been monumental, reaching over 350 million individuals with improved water, sanitation, and hygiene.

The Water Project

the water project charity

Commencing its mission in 2006, The Water Project centres on sustainable water and sanitation projects in East and Central Africa. Their cumulative efforts have resulted in the completion of over 49,000 projects, providing clean water access to an impressive 14.4 million people.


UNICEF Water Charity

Established in 1946, UNICEF operates in over 190 countries and territories, striving to enhance water and sanitation access for children and their families. In 2022 alone, their efforts touched the lives of over 300 million individuals with improved water and sanitation.

Water for People

Water for People Charity

Founded in 1982, Water For People is committed to community-driven water and sanitation solutions across 38 countries. Their impact in the year 2022 translated to providing clean water access to over 3 million people.

Lifewater International

Lifewater International charity

Since its inception in 1952, Lifewater International has been actively involved in building water wells and implementing hygiene education programs in Africa and Southeast Asia. In 2022, their efforts reached over 1.7 million people with clean water.

Plan International

Plan International Water Charity

Established in 1937, Plan International operates in over 70 countries, empowering girls and communities through water and sanitation projects. In 2022, their impact extended to reaching over 10 million individuals with improved water and sanitation.

Wash Alliance

Wash Alliance Water Charity

Founded in 2003, WASH Alliance UK operates as a consortium of NGOs collaboratively working to enhance water, sanitation, and hygiene in developing countries. Their collective impact in 2022 was significant, with member organizations reaching over 35 million people with improved WASH services.

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