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Dr Sam (Bunting) X The Girl's Network 🤩

Updated: Mar 8

Dr Sam Bunting brand was born out of a firm belief that altering the skin can lead to a transformative impact on your life.

Drawing from her extensive experience in treating thousands of patients at her clinic, she formulated the #TheDrSamSystem. This system brings the renowned quality of Harley Street to the comfort of your own home.

Dr Sam's overarching goal is to provide people with the knowledge and tools needed to take charge of their skin's transformation. Through groundbreaking formulations, Dr Sam aims to exceed expectations of what skincare can truly achieve.

This year the brand are excited to announce that Dr Sam's will be supporting The Girl's Network in their mission to empower girls to achieve their ambitions and thrive.

We love this! 💓💓💓

Dr Sam's X The Girls Network partnership

Dr Sam’s Skincare generous financial support will help the charity to widen its reach. Members of the Dr Sam’s Skincare team will also be involved as mentors. The charity needs to recruit around 1,000 new mentors a year to meet the needs of the girls it works with and Dr Sam’s hope that some of their engaged community will also welcome the opportunity to join the scheme.

As well as running broader support initiatives, during a set period the brand will be supporting The Girl's Network from every sale made on both of their UK and USA store:

Followed by ongoing Customer Donations at Checkout.

International Women's Day Campaign - giving from orders

Here is a little more about the cause (did we mention how much we love TGN enough?!) The Girls' Network is driven by the conviction that no girl should face limitations in her future prospects due to factors like gender, sex, ethnicity, background, or parental income. They are committed to providing support that enables girls to realize their ambitions, discover their inherent self-worth, and cultivate the skills to shape their own destinies and the world around them.

This charity's core mission centers on the empowerment and inspiration of girls aged 14-19 from underserved communities. They achieve this by connecting these young women with mentors and a network of professional female role models. Through this mentorship and exposure to diverse role models, the organization aims to bolster the girls' confidence, self-esteem, and aspirations. Many of these girls may have previously believed that high-status careers or their ambitions were beyond reach, having only been exposed to limited, stereotypical career experiences.

In 2022, The Girls' Network provided invaluable support to 1,164 girls aged 14-19, spanning over 60 schools and colleges across the UK. Through one-on-one mentoring, 93% of these girls reported feeling significantly more optimistic about their future prospects after completing the program.

So if you are after amazing skin care and love knowing your purchases make a real difference - checkout Dr Sam's online store.




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