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10 Best Education Charities to Support

Best Education Charities to support

Education Around the World

Envision a reality where education transcends the realm of privilege, becoming a universal passport to boundless opportunities. Unfortunately, for 264 million children worldwide, this vision remains elusive. Persistent challenges, ranging from limited access to quality schooling to gender inequality and conflict-ridden zones, act as formidable barriers to education, perpetuating cycles of poverty and inequality. However, amidst these challenges, beacons of hope emerge.

Devoted education nonprofits stand on the frontline, equipping children and communities with the tools and knowledge necessary to break free from these cycles and shape their destinies.

For many, education is a lifelong right. However, there are many countries where children do not have the same access to education

Global Education Map

Why are Education Charities Important?

Education charities intricately thread themselves into the tapestry of a brighter future, actively addressing disparities and empowering individuals for enduring success. They play a pivotal role in constructing bridges where access to education is limited, nurturing minds in developing countries through initiatives like school construction, teacher training, and literacy programs. These dedicated entities ardently champion equal opportunities, advocating for girls' education, dismantling cultural barriers, and steadfastly ensuring inclusive classrooms for all. The impact of their work ripples outward, endowing youth with essential skills, nurturing critical thinking, and kindling a lifelong passion for learning.

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Businesses Supporting Educational Charities

A noteworthy exemplar in the realm of educational philanthropy is Penguin Random House, a distinguished publishing giant. Through their "World of Stories" initiative, Penguin collaborates with Room to Read, generously donating books and supporting literacy programs in developing nations. The impact of this collaboration in 2022 alone was profound, as over 1 million books found their way to children in need, sparking a love for reading and unlocking doors to a realm of possibilities.

Penguin House World of Stories

Educational Awareness Days

There is never a better time for businesses looking to support an Educational charity than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated to supporting education including International School Meals Day.

Here are a few of the best educational charities to support:

Save the Children

Save the children school

Since its inception in 1919, Save the Children has been tirelessly working across more than 120 countries to enhance children's access to quality education. Their focus extends to early childhood development programs and emergency education in conflict zones. In 2022, their impact resonated as they reached over 56 million children, providing them with primary education.

Room to Read

Room to Read Education Charity

Established in 2001, Room to Read has been a driving force in improving literacy and gender equality through the establishment of libraries, the provision of books, and the implementation of girls' education programs in developing countries. The impact of their efforts in 2022 materialized in the establishment of over 30,000 libraries and the distribution of more than 55 million books.

Teach for All

Launched in 2007, Teach for All operates with a mission to address educational inequity through a unique "Teach Now, Lead Later" model. Their global network of 56 partner organizations, spanning 59 countries, recruited over 70,000 high-impact teachers in 2022.

The Malala Fund

The Malala Fund Educational Charity

Founded in 2013 by Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, The Malala Fund is a global advocate for girls' education. Through advocacy, funding local education initiatives, and supporting girls' voices, the fund invested over $30 million in girls' education programs across eight countries in 2022.


Ashoka Education Charity

Operational since 1981, Ashoka identifies and supports social entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions to education challenges. Their impact is widespread, supporting over 3,000 fellows in 90 countries, and positively affecting millions of lives through initiatives such as online learning platforms and skill development enterprises.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Education

Established in 2006, Khan Academy has been a pioneer in providing free, world-class education through online videos, exercises, and personalized learning tools. Their global impact is monumental, having served over 2 billion learners and democratizing access to high-quality education.

Plan International

Plan International School Charity

Founded in 1937, Plan International champions girls' education and child rights globally through advocacy, community-based programs, and educational initiatives. Their impact in 2022 reached over 10 million individuals, improving access to education.


UNICEF Schools

Operational since 1946, UNICEF operates in over 190 countries and territories, striving to enhance access to quality education for every child. Their focus on early childhood development and girls' education translated into reaching over 300 million children with improved access to education in 2022.

Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa Education Charity

Established in 1957, Amref Health Africa focuses on improving health and education in East Africa through community-based programs. Their efforts include building schools and training teachers, reaching over 1 million children with access to education in 2022.

Pratham Education Foundation

Pratham Charity

Founded in 1996, Pratham works in India to enhance the quality of primary education through innovative teaching methods and literacy programs. In 2022, they reached over 50 million children, significantly impacting learning outcomes.

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