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Email Marketing Partners - Bushy Lab

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Bushy is one of the first featured partners of Virtue Partner Ecosystem. With expertise in email marketing and campaigns, their services would be excellent for any Virtue Brands looking to improve their email marketing.

What is Bushy?

Finn is the founder of Bushy. He began his journey into marketing at 18 when he decided to go online to create some extra income. After quickly developing a passion for all things marketing, direct response, advertising, psychology & tech, it was clearly helping others apply these principles was the way forward.

Having consulted and worked on a number of projects over 9 years across various business types, he realised the lack of support for impact-led eCommerce brands trying to make a positive difference in the world. Being passionate about their cause, he knew he could help. Having already run a marketing business for several years - In 2021 he closed down shop to pursue this vision and Būshy was born…

Būshy is a boutique eCommerce Growth Partner. We help the brands that fuel positive change in the World by growing their sales online through Conversion Optimisation, Email marketing & Paid Ads.

Brands we work with either make a positive impact through the products they sell, the awareness they raise or the support they give through their brand. Some may be creating industry-disrupting products, while others may focus on using their business as a force for change.

Our mission is to connect consumers with impact-led brands the world needs - to grow them profitably and sustainably.

Why focus on Impact-Led Brands?

First and foremost, our team are passionate about Planet & People. The reality is, eCommerce presents many opportunities and obstacles. Through the rise of online shopping, consumers have been trained to expect low prices and fast delivery that cannot be maintained in the long term (thanks Amazon!).

The biggest obstacles for the industry are poor working conditions and detrimental environmental damage (in our opinion). We've seen this first hand over the years working in the industry. Finn and Lily created Būshy to help eCommerce brands overcome obstacles and chase down opportunities.

We focus on Impact-led Brands to connect us with like-minded people who share our ideas for the future. Essentially, we want to do some good, so we team up and support others who want to do good too.

We’re always guided by our belief that capitalism can be conscious which is embodied in our motto…

Make More, Give More.

Why should Shopify Retailers be Impact Led?

  1. Helps people & the planted

  2. Access to new markets and exposure to conscious consumers

  3. Future proof the business

  4. Encourage brand loyalty & increase lifetime value (LTV)

  5. Employee retention

With the growing awareness of our impact on the planet, every day, more and more consumers are seeking out alternatives to their traditional choices & brands. Those looking for positive swaps usually turn first to the internet & social media for inspiration.

By being an impact-led brand, and creating messaging around this - You position your brand at the forefront of this dramatic shift in buyer behaviour and enable your audience to make better decisions by voting through their wallet.

It also creates new opportunities for businesses to reach conscious consumers that are seeking to make a change.

It’s important however to make sure you’re truly aligned with those values and back-up your messaging with real actions (and impact) that you share with your audience.

Greenwashing is also on the rise which only harms the efforts many of us are making, which is why it’s crucial to consider how you are sharing your journey with your audience for full transparency.

You don’t have to do everything. When it comes to impact, honesty beats perfection. More often, it’s about embarking on a process for future generations, not just flipping a switch (if only it were that easy!).

If these aren’t good enough reasons, Shopify Stores should adopt value-led practices to keep up with the competition.

A recent study found 62% of Millenials said they're conscious about where they shop and the products they buy, prioritising local, sustainable or ethically sourced products.

Bushy is here to help Shopify Retailers identify their core values and communicate those effectively (and profitability) with their audience.

Why is a strong customer funnel important?

A highly optimised customer funnel is crucial to the long-term success of any eCommerce business - especially impact-led brands who often face higher overheads.

In days gone by, it was all to easy to rely on cheap ads and low acquisition costs to feed your company's online growth.

With so many brand owners scratching their heads, a common mistake we see is an obsession over acquisition as the path to growing the brand.

To make matters worse, creatives that traditionally performed for reaching cold audiences and bringing them to your funnel are fatiguing quickly. As a result they no longer deliver the results they once did.

Since ad platform costs only continue to skyrocket in 2022, it’s left many brands unable to maintain any sense of growth with their old strategy.

While acquisition is a huge part of the funnel, it’s only one piece - focusing on this in isolation leaves you at a huge disadvantage against competitors.

Real longevity, value and legacy lie in the ability to master your sales funnel from top to bottom to drive profitability and increase your customer lifetime value.

Enter the growth marketer…

eCommerce Funnel Shopify

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

To be successful you need to nurture your customers to build trust and loyalty following the first sale.

Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways of communicating your message to your audience - especially for impact-led brands - since it offers the chance to quickly solidify your values by weaving your impact into the brand story. It's relevant at every single step in the customer's journey from awareness to conversion to ascension & retention You can also explore how an email sign-up landing page and email service provider like Omnisend can help you harness the power of Email Marketing for your brand.

As a general rule of thumb, having 30% of your revenue from email will help weather any storm or algorithm change that your revenue may be vulnerable to.

With decreased tracking capabilities due to iOS updates, leaning into email to learn more about your audience & then sending them personalised content is a smart strategy to boost performance.

By owning your email channel, you can ensure you’re fully in control of your communications and aren’t hampered by any external factors while driving more profits to grow your impact. Win-Win.

Does Bushy support any causes?

Bushy gives 1% of its online sales to The Climate Pledge, a unique fund designed to accelerate the development of new carbon-capture technologies to help the planet. Often new technologies begin prohibitively expensive (think solar panels).

The Climate Pledge aims to shorten the time to market enabling us to adopt them sooner in society so we can collectively take action on key climate issues faster and at scale.

We also like to think we have a small part in supporting all the causes our clients are dedicated to through the services we provide.

Climate Pledge Shopify

The Bushy Offer

Curious to know if you’re communicating your impact effectively across the whole customer journey? Are you wondering whether your brand makes the cut for conscious consumers?

If so, then our special offer for Virtue Customers is what you’re looking for. Get insightful answers to your most burning questions and reveal the hidden opportunities to make your brand Būshy-er.

Here’s everything you’re getting:

  • 1 Free Strategy Consultation

  • Customer Funnel Audit ➝ Identify key revenue bottlenecks, blindspots & find profitable wins across your customer journey and the 7 major email flows tailored to your brand’s objectives

  • List Growth Strategy Review ➝ Uncover ways to increase your lead flow & earnings per recipient to maximise your list growth. This includes looking at your testing and optimisation plan and providing recommendations so you can maximise potential.

  • Personalised Būshy Growth Plan ➝ Follow our prioritised recommendations to boost impact & profits fast. Use either with your team internally, or partner with Būshy to help speed up implementation.

  • Bonus #1: Brand Impact Visibility Audit ➝ Review emails AND key website pages to create an Impact Visibility checklist. Follow step-by-step to enhance impact visibility & messaging across all key touch-points

  • Bonus #2: New Impact-Driven Email Series ➝ We’ll write you a brand new impact driven email series to increase impact visibility and create split tests to compare the effect on your brands revenue and key performance indicators (KPIs) 3 - 5 emails max

  • Bonus #3: Donation to Climate Fund ➝ We will donate 1% of total proceeds of this offer to the Climate fund, which aims to increase the adoption of new carbon sequestering technologies.

You can find the Bushy offer here.

Virtue Partner Ecosystem

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