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FLOWERFIX - Helping The Planet And Making You Smile

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

There are a number of retailers on Virtue working across all facets of doing good. From Mental Health and the Environment to Safe Drinking Water and helping premature babies. FlowerFix is one that is sharing the wealth.f

FLOWERFIX, fundraising for charities with Pledger Giving


FLOWERFIX is a subscription service delivering beautiful floral displays to your door. From letterbox deliveries and accessories, to their monthly flower club, they have everything it takes to make you smile.

Raysa Patel, Founder of Flowerfix and LK Verdant

Q&A with Raysa Farah

How Did FLOWERFIX Start?

Ever since I was a child, playing with flowers is all I knew. It led me to apply to local florists in my teenage years (I was never successful) and eventually I took the plunge to start LK VERDANT (sister company), leaving a well-paid career behind.

I started LK VERDANT to bring a new dimension of luxury florals, not seen before. This led us to collaborate with Vogue and have our services featured in Bazaar, Grazia and more. With the publicity came a demand (for her floral expertise), and I didn’t want to risk my reputation with our bespoke boxes getting thrown around in the post. Fast forward a little and along came FLOWERFIX. Beautiful floral arrangements right to your door.

FLOWERFIX has a Zero Waste Policy?

We live in a world where so many people lack basic requirements. So, utilising everything is very important to us.

Likewise, with our flowers, the process of growing a single flower has a journey involving necessities such as water, nutrients and ultimately transportation to the customer's home.

We're focused on reducing these emissions/waste as much as humanly possible. We're a small start-up, however, these social impacts are ingrained within us and how we operate.

Why is Social Impact Important to FLOWERFIX? I grew up volunteering with the NHS, it was always a part of who we were. For FLOWERFIX it’s not a tick box exercise, we believe in giving back for the greater good.

For example, we make an effort on Mother's Day to visit care homes just to hand out some flowers or donate toys to beautiful but sick children at Derian House.

Which Causes Are You Supporting with Virtue?

I volunteered in NICU, my mother is an advanced practitioner in NICU and my niece and nephew were both premature. This is a cause that's very close to my heart and as a mother of two, I'm always there wherever I can help.

Living in the UK, we're privileged to have a tap with unlimited water. A basic necessity for us all is to stay alive, quench thirst, shower, clean etc. For millions this is impossible and we'll always champion a way to make it possible.

What is the Ethos of FLOWERFIX?

We live by the culture "wish upon others, what you wish for yourself".

I love giving, for years I’ve always given merch to my clients, random free gifts, reward schemes and donating to causes that are close to me. Bringing our customers into the giving process with extra donations is a great way to help build the community so everyone gets a chance to give back.


How Are They Fundraising?

We want to involve our customers in our journey, we see our business as a community of like-minded people. For the good of all and the option to give our customers a choice of a number of amazing life-changing causes, really helps us distribute our efforts.

And now customers have the ability to get involved by adding a few pounds to these great causes as part of their purchase using the Virtue Shopify App.

How to Get Involved

With FlowerFix

If you want to contact them directly, send them an email at

Or, you can browse through their beautiful Instagram.

With Virtue

If you want to get involved with Virtue either as a retailer supporting causes or as a charity fundraising on the platform you can reach out to us directly at

At Virtue, we keep things simple. As a shop, you can either give a portion of your sales directly to a charity, or you can ask your customers to give a little at the end of their purchase (or both).


Guide: How to Run a Giving Campaign

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  • How to pick a Giving style

  • Launch Checklist

  • Cause Calendar


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