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10 Best Food Waste Charities to Donate to

Updated: Jan 26

Best Food Waste Charities

Food Waste Around the World

Each year witnesses the squandering of a third of the world's total food production. This isn't merely a staggering statistic; it constitutes a crisis on moral, environmental, and economic fronts.

Picture vast landfills teeming with perfectly edible food, contrasting starkly with the millions who grapple with hunger. Consider the squandered resources, the surge in greenhouse gas emissions, and the profound ethical implications. Yet, within this challenging reality, a glimmer of hope emerges, embodied in the efforts of committed food waste charities tirelessly addressing this intricate issue.

While there are some countries that have been experiencing Food Insecurity for years - it is important to note that food insecurity is a growing issue in places like the UK and the US12.8% of U.S. households experienced food insecurity at least sometime during 2022, which translates to 17.0 million households.

Global Food Insecurity Map

Why are Food Waste Charities Important?

These varied organizations function at different echelons, combating food waste from the farm to the dining table. Some concentrate on salvaging produce from fields abandoned after harvest, redirecting it to those in need. Others form alliances with supermarkets and eateries to rechannel surplus food before it reaches its expiration. Still, some empower communities through educational endeavours and food planning initiatives, diminishing household waste and fostering a conscientious consumption ethos.

Find the best charity to support

Businesses Supporting Food Charities Charities

An inspiring case in point is Morrisons, a prominent UK supermarket chain ranked as the fourth-largest. Their partnership with FareShare, the country's preeminent food redistribution charity since 2005, stands out. Through this enduring collaboration, Morrisons contributes over 18,000 tonnes of surplus food annually, sustaining more than 115,000 individuals throughout the UK each week. This steadfast commitment underscores the potency of businesses actively opting to play a role in the resolution of this pervasive issue.

Morrisons Fareshare

Food Waste Awareness Days

For businesses looking to support a Food Waste charity, there is never a better time than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated towards supporting food-based initiatives including; Food Waste Action Week, International School Meals Day, and World Food Day.

Here are a few of the best Food Waste charities to support:


Fareshare Food Waste Charity

Since its establishment in 1993, FareShare has evolved into the United Kingdom's most extensive network of food redistribution charities. This impactful organization rescues surplus food from a staggering 400 donors, ensuring its delivery to more than 11,000 frontline groups supporting vulnerable individuals. In the year 2023 alone, FareShare distributed an impressive 53,000 tonnes of food, translating into a staggering 212 million meals provided to those in need.

The Felix Project

The Felix Project Food Waste Charity

Launched in 2014, The Felix Project has been dedicated to rescuing fresh surplus food from restaurants and caterers, channelling it directly to charities assisting individuals facing food poverty. The impact of their efforts is evident, with over 16 million meals delivered in 2023, effectively preventing a substantial 12 million kg of food waste.

Feeding America

Feeding America Food Waste Charity

A longstanding player in the fight against hunger, Feeding America has been operational since 1977, holding the title of the largest hunger relief organization in the United States. Their widespread influence spans over 200 food banks across the nation, and in 2023 alone, they successfully distributed an astounding 4.6 billion meals through their expansive network.


Foodcycle Food Waste Charity

Established in 2003, FoodCycle tackles food waste by collecting surplus from businesses and transforming it into delectable meals for vulnerable communities. Their community cafes and outreach projects served over 350,000 meals in 2023, diverting more than 1,000 tonnes of food from the looming threat of landfill.

Refettorio Gastromilano

Initiated in 2015 by Massimo Bottura, Refettorio Gastromilano addresses surplus food from Expo 2015 in Milan, utilizing chefs and disadvantaged youth to prepare nutritious meals for those in need. Their impact speaks volumes, with over 1.5 million meals served since 2015, accompanied by the training of over 350 young individuals.


OzHarvest Food Waste Charity

Since its inception in 2001, OzHarvest has been a pivotal force in Australia, collecting surplus food nationwide and delivering it to charities, schools, and shelters. In 2023 alone, they delivered a commendable 58 million meals, rescuing a substantial 57,000 tonnes of food in the process.

Rescuing Leftovers

Founded in 2014, Rescuing Leftovers focuses on collecting surplus food from restaurants and events, and delivering it to charities and shelters. In 2023, their efforts led to the rescue of over 300 tonnes of food, accompanied by community education initiatives on food waste reduction.


Since its inception in 2016, ReFED has emerged as a pioneering force in research and advocacy, centering its efforts on reducing food waste in the United States. Their impact is substantial, highlighted by the development of the Food Waste Index—a comprehensive report shedding light on the state of food waste in the US. In addition to this, ReFED has actively published resources aimed at guiding businesses in the reduction of their waste footprint.

Food Share Network

FoodShare Network Food Waste Charity

Established in 1985, the Food Share Network plays a crucial role as a national network comprising food banks and community kitchens in Canada. Their impact is significant, with an annual provision of food assistance to over 850,000 Canadians through their member organizations.

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