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Get the Most out of Pledger I For Retailers

Updated: Apr 21

Great, you have joined Pledger. Now you can start making an impact on product sales by supporting great causes.

Many of you will already have some great marketing and optimization strategies, but if you need some ideas this post is here to help you get the most out of Pledger. Here are a few ideas and templates you can use today:


49% of customers assume that if a company isn't posting about their causes they simply don't care. - Porter Novelli 2021

Well, if you're reading this post you obviously care, and the easiest way to tell a consumer that you care is by letting them know on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most effective and easiest social platforms to use, and it's a great way to announce to your followers that you are a purpose-driven business. Below is an example of one of our brands posting about their partnership with Crisis.

Check out our Instagram here & tag @pledger_app


Depending on your industry, you may benefit from discussing your partnerships in a more long-form context. At Pledger, we have a blog that is constantly updated to reflect new causes and partnerships that have joined the platform.

Below is an example of a blog post we created to celebrate the collaboration between One Less Car and their support of the World Bicycle Relief Charity.

We also have a Linkedin page @PledgerApp and Twitter @PledgerGivingProfile that can be leveraged.

Impact on Product Page

70% of purpose-driven shoppers pay an added premium of 35% for sustainable purchases - IBM 2020

Having a consumer add an item to their cart is one of the most pivotal parts of the consumer journey. Thankfully, when a consumer can see that their purchase will have a positive impact for the planet they are more likely to add an item to their cart.

Pledger has a simple widget that can be added to any item in your shop. Simply add the widget and your consumers can see the positive impact they will make with a purchase

Cause Partners Page

Customers are 72% more likely to stay loyal to a company that leads with purpose. - Porter Novelli 2021

To gain the loyalty of your customers show them that you support great causes. This can be done easily with an extra page on your store. Here is an example of a simple yet powerful way to share your impact with your customers.

The Impact Calculator is also a great feature to showcase your impact on your customers. To get your message across add the Impact Calculator to your Impact Page, Homepage and other pages on your site.

Customer Engagement

Every customer is unique, so why not give them an opportunity to choose where their impact goes. We allow your online store to support up to 3 charity causes, we have even included a feature allowing your customers to pick which charity their specific contribution will support.

This makes the customer feel engaged and can provide some great marketing content for your social channels.

We have also included a new feature that allows customers to add in donations after a purchase has been made on that site. This is great for charities with internal e-commerce stores or shops who want to give their customers another way to get involved.

Custom Content

At Pledger, we are happy to promote our Brands. If you have any cool ideas or want us to collaborate on anything at all just reach out here. We are always ready to help!

Happy selling with impact!

If we can support you in any way - email us to support@pledger,co

Pledger Team

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