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Green Friday: The Sustainable Alternative to Black Friday

Updated: Jan 14

Green Friday is a sustainable alternative to Black Friday. This is one of the better environmental options for brands looking share their sustainability brand values while taking part in the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend.

Green Friday 2023

Black Friday

In recent years the phenomenon that was American Black Friday has extended out to the rest of the world. While we are seeing fewer people waiting at 5 am for flat-screen TVs - Black Friday is still one of the most important times for retail brands.

In 2021 Black Friday eCommerce sales were expected to be valued at over 100 Billion USD with the average shopper spending $300 on the day.

In recent years, the annual shopping frenzy known as Black Friday has gained notoriety for its excessive consumerism, long lines, and frenzied shopping sprees. However, as concerns about environmental sustainability continue to grow, a refreshing alternative has emerged: Green Friday. This eco-conscious movement encourages consumers and businesses alike to shift their focus from mindless consumption to meaningful action for the planet.

Black Friday's Impact on our Planet

Black Friday has long been associated with slashed prices and great sales, but beneath the surface, this retail holiday has an incredibly negative impact on the environment.

Here are some sobering statistics on Black Friday:

  • It is estimated that 80% of products purchased on Black Friday end up in Landfill

  • The production of clothes purchased on Black Friday consumes 1.5 Billion cubic metres of water which is enough to meet the years requirements for 100 million people

  • Black Friday Shopping generates over 1 million tons of plastic packaging waste.

What is Green Friday?

In response to the negative impact associated with Black Friday - the concept of Green Friday has gained momentum. This is the preferred alternative for conscious consumers looking to support ethical brands that align with their values.

As part of a Green Friday Campaign, many brands will support an environmental initiative that negates the impact on the environment. This can take the form of anything from planting trees to supporting a rainforest conservation charity. By supporting brands participating in Green Friday, customers can know that their purchasing will be supporting a more sustainable form of shopping.


Brands Paving the Way for Green Friday

Many brands have already made the shift towards Green Friday. Here are a few examples:

AYM Studio

In 2022 AYM Studio ran a Green Friday campaign with the help of Virtue. As part of their 10 for 10 campaign, they gave a 10% discount to their customers shopping for the weekend and donated 10% of all sales towards the World Land Trust's Save an acre programs

The campaign was a great success and AYM and their customers were able to conserve well over 100 acres of animal habitat.

AYM Studio Green Friday Campaign


REI is an outdoor retailer that tried a different approach to Green Friday. They launched their #OptOutside campaign to encourage both their employees and customers to spend time outdoors rather than in their stores.

The goal of this campaign was not only to promote a healthier lifestyle but also to highlight the importance of nature.

REI Green Friday Campaign

Ritual Cosmetics

In 2022 Ritual Cosmetics took part in Green Friday as well. As part of their campaign, they offered 20% refills. Not only were they promoting their more sustainable refillable option, but they also were planting trees as a part of the campaign.

Conscious Consumers

One of the most important aspects of Green Friday is the genuine appreciation it receives from customers. More and more customers are conscious of the environment opting to support brands that put sustainability at the forefront of their brand values.

The connection customers have with sustainability is a great opportunity for brands. Not only are conscious consumers happy to spend more money on sustainable or green products - they are also more likely to become loyal customers of the brand.

How to take part in Green Friday

There are many great causes that you can support on Green Friday. Here are a few examples:

  • Plant a tree with every order with some great organisations including Eden Reforestation and Carbon Positive Australia

  • Offset Carbon with every order

  • Protect animal by supporting a great charity like Borneo Orangutan Survival or the World Land Trust

  • Share your message!

Green Friday is an incredible opportunity to take a stand and make a difference. If you have an online store built on Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento check out Virtue's e-commerce integrations and start giving back today.

Green Friday App


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