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How to Support Charities at Christmas

Updated: May 9

Christmas is a great opportunity to give back. As the weather gets colder, more children, adults, and animals are at risk. Thankfully, there are a ton of ways for brands to extend support to those who need it the most this festive season.

  1. Why Donate at Christmas

  2. How can your Business get involved

  3. Charities to Support

Support a charity for christmas

Why Donate at Christmas?

While many businesses focus on December as an opportunity to grow sales leading up to Christmas, it has also been important for brands to use this time to give back.

While many people associate Christmas with friends, family, and a few gifts. There are a ton that cannot. As the temperatures get colder, the holidays can be an extremely difficult time for many. That is why many charities run their primary fundraisers in December. 2022 has been an incredibly difficult year for many. With heating bills and the general cost of living increasing, many are struggling to keep their homes warm or provide food for their pets.

As a business, there are a number of great initiatives and unique ways that you can support those in need.

How can your Business get involved?

Donate Products and Items to Charity

If you run an online store, one of the best ways to give back is by donating products to causes in need. Many retailers like Lemonade Dolls and Chatty feet do just that. It's a great way to give back, especially if the items you selling in your store are life necessities: Examples:

  • Non-perishable Food

  • Baby supplies

  • Clothing

  • Toiletries

  • Household items (eg cleaning products)

  • Hygiene products

Donate a percentage of Product Sales

If you have a particular charity that you would like to support, running a giving campaign over the holidays is an excellent way to give back.

Fundraising for Crisis UK

Many stores will donate a set percentage from every order, over the holidays.

This year, Jericho Coffee Roasters have decided to promote a coffee advent calendar with proceeds supporting Crisis (currently sold out).

If you have an online store and are looking to support a great cause this year. Check out our integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento and you can start supporting a charity of your choice in just a few minutes.

Donate at Christmas

Volunteer Time and Services

It is common for employees to take time and support a charity, whether it be fundraising within the office or supporting an event.

However, it should be noted that most people (especially if you work at an online retailer) have skills that charities need!

By simply volunteering a few hours over the holidays you could be a major difference maker for a small charity that could need your help.

Check out our friends at Make Good Grow for more info to see if your services could be in need.

Make Good Grow - Charity Services

Collect Customer Donations for Christmas

Online Store Checkout Donations

Synonymous with Christmas is seeing a collection box on the counter of stores and restaurants. It is a great and non-intrusive way to allow your customers to add in some extra donations to a charity if they should choose.

With Virtue, online stores have the same option to add checkout donations. Simply by installing the Virtue donation box (either on your checkout page or post-purchase) stores can easily let their customers donate to charities without much additional fuss.

Collect POS Donations in your Shop

With Virtue, you also have the ability for customers to add a donation as part of the checkout process. Simply install the Virtue and activate the Shopify POS Donation feature to start collecting donations.

The Trussell Trust Tesco Food Donation

Christmas Charities and Causes to Support

Crisis - Crisis at Christmas Charity Appeal

Every year Crisis runs its Crisis at Christmas Charity Appeal. This is when Crisis will open its doors across the country to help all of those experiencing all forms of homelessness. They will be greeted with warmth, food, healthcare, company, and most of all, respect.

With the growing cost of living crisis in the UK, there are more people than ever in need of assistance this year,

Crisis at Christmas - Christmas Charity Appeal

Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust is another great charity battling hunger and poverty in the UK. Working all year round - they have multiple options for those looking to give back.

The Trussell Trust Tesco Food Donation

Virtue Impact Partners - Meals for Kids

Virtue also partners with a number of organisations providing meals for children. Check out our Meals for Children impact partner and start making an impact this holiday season

Meals for Children this Christmas

Hackney Children and Baby Bank

Over the past 2 years, the team at Hackney Children and Baby Bank have helped over 2000 families from Hackney and beyond. This also includes a number of refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan who have come to settle in the UK. They help anyone in need including families that are dealing with domestic violence, debt management, homelessness, unemployment, and those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

Whether it be supporting financially, volunteering, donating items, or purchasing from their Amazon wish list, they always have great initiatives that you can support.

Salvation Army

Founded over 150 years ago in London. The Salvation Army (and their streetside Santas) have always been a common sight in December.

With multiple initiatives, their primary focus at Christmas is supporting families battling poverty. This Christmas they will be focusing on:

  • Providing Christmas lunches and companionship to the elderly

  • Food parcels for families in need

  • Toys for children who otherwise might go without

RSPCA Animal Rescue

RSPCA is a world-leading animal rescue charity. Unfortunately, there has been a 24% increase in reports of abandonment this winter and a survey by the RSPCA found that 7 out of 10 people are concerned about the costs of caring for their pets. RSPCA are always looking for a donation, and you can support them directly on their website, or by purchasing items from their online store and high street charity shops.


There are many great causes and charities to support over the holidays. If you are looking for the right cause to align with check out our find a charity quiz - or jump right in and start supporting with your eCommerce store today


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