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10 Best Human Rights Charities to Support

Human Rights Around the World

Globally, an alarming estimate of 5 billion people grapple with human rights violations, ranging from child labour and gender inequality to torture and political repression. These injustices cast a sombre hue on our world, demanding immediate and decisive action. Yet, amid the pervasive darkness, rays of hope emerge—dedicated human rights charities working tirelessly to defend and uphold the fundamental rights of every individual.

Why are Human Rights Charities Important?

Human rights charities serve as unwavering beacons in the face of global injustices, illuminating the path to a more just world. Through legal aid, advocacy, and policy efforts, they shield the vulnerable, advocate for justice, and dismantle discriminatory structures. From supporting resilient communities in conflict zones to exposing human trafficking, they construct bridges of resilience. Through impactful education and awareness campaigns, they sow seeds of empathy, fostering solidarity across cultures. Ultimately, these charities transcend their role as defenders of the downtrodden, evolving into architects of a future where everyone can thrive with dignity and realize their fundamental rights.

Find the best charity to support

Businesses Supporting Human Rights Charities

An exemplary business championing the cause of human rights is Ben & Jerry's, the renowned ice cream brand. Through their "Justice ReMix'd" initiative, Ben & Jerry's collaborates with organizations like Witness and Campaign Zero, channelling support into advocacy, research, and activism on critical issues like racial justice and police brutality. In the year 2022 alone, this collaboration played a pivotal role in supporting vital campaigns addressing concerns such as racial profiling and excessive use of force.

Ben and Jerrys Justice Remixd

Human Rights Awareness Days

For businesses looking to support a Human Rights charity, there is never a better time than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated towards supporting human rights including; National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Human Rights Day, and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Here are a few of the best human rights charities to support:

Amnesty International

Amnesty International Charity

Established in 1961, Amnesty International engages in extensive research and mobilizes public action to safeguard human rights across the globe. Their focus encompasses ending abuses of state power, combating discrimination, and advocating for justice. In 2022, their impactful efforts resulted in the release of over 8,000 prisoners of conscience, and they pressured governments to adopt over 300 recommendations for human rights improvements.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch Charity

Operational since 1978, Human Rights Watch conducts in-depth research and advocacy on human rights issues in over 90 countries. Their commitment involves exposing abuses, pressing for accountability, and promoting human rights standards. In 2022, their advocacy efforts contributed to the release of over 1,400 wrongfully detained individuals and influenced numerous legislative and policy changes.

Freedom House

Freedom House Human Rights Charity

Founded in 1941, Freedom House champions global political and civil liberties through research, advocacy, and direct support to democracy movements. Their initiatives provide resources and training to activists while monitoring democratic freedoms worldwide. In 2022, they crucially supported over 500 democracy movements in 57 countries.

Human Rights First

Human Rights First Charity

Established in 1978, Human Rights First utilizes advocacy, legal aid, and education to safeguard the rights of refugees, women, and vulnerable communities globally. They provide legal representation, campaign for policy changes, and empower individuals to defend their rights. In 2022, they secured legal victories for over 1,000 individuals seeking asylum and influenced numerous federal policy changes on human rights issues.


Action Aid Charity

Founded in 1971, ActionAid operates in over 40 countries, empowering women and girls through economic development, social justice initiatives, and disaster relief. Their focus includes addressing gender inequality, fighting poverty, and promoting community resilience. In 2022, they reached over 25 million people with programs addressing poverty, food insecurity, and gender-based violence.

Anti-Slavery International

Anti Slavery International Charity

Established in 1839, Anti-Slavery International is dedicated to eradicating modern slavery in all its forms, including forced labour, human trafficking, and debt bondage. Their activities involve research, raising awareness, and supporting survivor rehabilitation programs. In 2022, they contributed to the release of over 3,000 individuals from slavery and supported the development of anti-slavery laws in 5 countries.

Refugees International

Refugees International Human Rights Charity

Founded in 1979, Refugees International provides emergency aid and advocates for the rights of refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide. They deliver essential supplies, medical care, and protection services in conflict zones and disaster areas. In 2022, they provided critical assistance to over 1 million refugees and displaced people in 20 countries.

The Carter Center

The Carter Center Human Rights

Established in 1982 by former President Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center promotes human rights through conflict resolution, election monitoring, and disease eradication initiatives. Their activities involve mediating conflicts, observing elections, and working to eliminate diseases like Guinea worm and trachoma. Since its inception, The Carter Center has helped resolve over 30 conflicts and contributed to the eradication of Guinea worm in 21 countries.

Article 19

Article 19 Human Rights Charity

Operational since 1987, Article 19 promotes and defends freedom of expression and information globally. They monitor violations, conduct research, and advocate for policy changes that protect journalistic freedom, artist expression, and online rights. In 2022, they secured the release of over 50 journalists and bloggers detained for exercising their right to free expression.

Freedom from Torture

Freedom from Torture Charity

Founded in 1976, Freedom from Torture focuses on the rehabilitation of torture survivors and the prevention of torture worldwide. They provide medical and psychological care to survivors, support advocacy efforts, and campaign for the closure of torture centers. In 2022, they provided critical care to over 5,000 torture survivors and contributed to the closure of two torture centers.

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