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Kitchen Provisions - Impact, Steel, and Sex Appeal?

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Tom Saunders and Helen Symonds started Kitchen Provisions back in 2017 combining their unique personalities and a symphony of recipes, ingredients, and kitchen ... provisions. We are glad to have them join the Pledger community to give back to some great causes!

Kitchen Provisions - Knives

Kitchen Provisions

What started as a passion project and an excuse to visit Japan has transformed into a great company run by great people an online shop 3 locations in London:

THE WORKSHOP - Unit 3, 2 Bouverie Road, London N16 0AJ

  • Sharpening while you wait (pre-book)

  • Knife sharpening lesions (pre-book)

  • Personal shopper options (pre-book)


  • General browsing

  • Drop off knife sharpening

  • Personal shopper options (pre-book)

  • Knife Sharpening while you wait (pre-book)

KITCHEN PROVISIONS STOKE NEWINGTON -136 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0JU

  • General browsing

  • Drop off knife sharpening

Kitchen Provisions Stoke Newington

Q and A with Kitchen Provisions

How did Kitchen Provisions start?

We started about 8 years ago - Tom has always had a love of Japanese knives and I (Helen) used to live in Japan, so setting up the company combined our personal passions in a new project.

Basically, it was an overblown idea to ensure that we could travel to Japan regularly and buy lots of knives.


Kitchen Provisions charity fundraising

How important are the stories behind your products?

This is crucial.

Specifically the craftsmanship behind our knives. It adds to our appreciation of the process to know how the knives are made, the backgrounds and experience of the makers and the local industry in which they operate.

The knife industry in Japan is small scale and very traditional and it's great to be part of continuing that tradition.

Why is giving back so important to Kitchen Provisions?

Our main shop is in Stoke Newington, an area of London that has a very community feel.

We've got involved in supporting local causes but, given the online business has an international reach, we wanted to extend and formalise how we can donate to charitable causes on a bigger scale.

Adding a small donation to every order, and also through this raising some awareness of many hugely worthwhile campaigns. Each is a small act but they add up. We hope to work with our team to select a range of charities to support over the year.

Why are you choosing to support British-Ukrainian Aid?

We are aghast at the situation in Ukraine and wanted to show our support to the people affected.

We chose British-Ukrainian Aid as it has established in-country networks, particularly to areas of the country that have been most affected and also looks to support marginalised groups.

Why are you choosing to support The Black Curriculum?

Education is everything, and we really liked the strong research-based approach of this organisation. The Black Curriculum is a great cause and we are happy to support them.

Why are you choosing to support Rainbow Railroad?

We wanted to include an LGBTQI+ focused charity and ensuring the emergency response work of Rainbow Railroad is well funded is so crucial.

How Are They Fundraising?

Kitchen Provisions are supporting these causes by nothing giving a donation with every product sold as well as allowing their customers to add a donation at the end of every purchase.

By selecting one of the excellent products from their website you can choose which of their causes you would like to have the support. They have an excellent collection of Japanese Steel ready for your kitchens and ready to have proceeds given to make a difference to those in need.

How To Join Virtue?

At Virtue, we are building a strong community of cause partners, online brands and conscious shoppers that want to make the world a better place.

  • If you would like to see a few of our cause partners you can do so here

  • If you would like to get in touch with the team you can reach us directly at

  • If you would like to cut straight to our highly rated and beautiful Shopify Integration please take a look at this link here.

Thanks for reading if you made it down this far!


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