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KUVRD - Viva Viva Campaign

Updated: Jun 4

Founded in 2018, KUVRD merges fashion with purpose, celebrating Arab heritage and culture while championing social causes.

The brand's roots trace back to a family textile factory in Palestine during the 1950s, embodying a rich history of craftsmanship and tradition. KUVRD's commitment to social impact is palpable, from donating meals to refugee families in Jordan and Palestine to providing employment and training to marginalized individuals in the region.

To date they have made a huge impact with their charitable contributions:

  • 98,000 meals donated to refugee families in Jordan -Jerash camp & Palestine - Gaza

  • Recruited & employed 17+ urban refugees / marginalized individuals in Jordan and Turkey

  • Provided training workshops to 11 marginalized individuals

The "Viva Viva" Campaign

KUVRD donate from every order, but for their Viva Viva campaign, they decided to donate 100% of proceeds to charities supporting Palestinian Orphans (with the support of Virtue's Shopify Integration).

Viva Viva Campaign Metrics

Conversions and tracking were tracked based on email communications.

  • Unique Opens: The "Viva Viva" email saw a remarkable 48.52% increase in unique opens compared to standard email campaigns

  • Unique Orders: This metric skyrocketed by an astonishing 3731.58%, showcasing the power of purpose-driven marketing.

  • Average Order Value (AOV): The AOV for the "Viva Viva" campaign surged by an impressive 26.16%, demonstrating that customers were not only engaged but also inclined to spend more for a meaningful cause.

These numbers aren't just statistics; they represent a tangible shift in customer behaviour and brand engagement.

The Impact of the Viva Viva Campaign

The success of KUVRD's "Viva Viva" campaign underscores the transformative impact of purpose-driven initiatives in e-commerce. Since their inception, KUVRD has been dedicated to cultivating and growing their community.

With the support of Virtues Shopify Integration - running giving campaign's seemless. The "Viva Viva" campaign is not just a success story—it's a testament to the profound impact of combining fashion with purpose.

As brands navigate a rapidly evolving digital landscape, initiatives like KuVRD's serve as a beacon of inspiration, proving that impact-driven marketing can fuel both business growth and positive change for those in need. KuVRD continues to lead by example, demonstrating how businesses can leverage their platform for meaningful social impact.

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