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Many Tears Animal Rescue: Giving Animals the Chance of a New Life

Dogs are more than just pets - they are loyal companions, protectors, and members of our families. They bring us joy, comfort, and unconditional love. However, there are many dogs that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected and are in need of care and support. According to the latest figures from the government, there were 51,000 stray dogs picked up by local authorities in the UK in 2020.

Many Tears Animal Rescue

About Many Tears Animal Rescue

Many Tears Rescue is a UK-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs in need. Since its founding in 2004, the organization has saved the lives of over 16,000 dogs and has made a significant impact on the welfare of dogs in the UK. In this blog post, we'll explore the work of Many Tears Rescue and how the organization is making a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

Founded by Sylvia and Bill Van Atta after they adopted a dog from a rescue organization in the United States. They initially started by taking in a few dogs at a time, but the demand quickly grew, and they soon found themselves rescuing and rehoming hundreds of dogs every year. The organization is named after the tears that Sylvia shed for the many dogs that were in need of rescue and care. Today, Many Tears Rescue is based in Llanelli, Wales, and has a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide care and support to the dogs in their care.

Many Tears Dog Rescue

Inside Many Tears Rescue's Work

Many Tears Rescue takes in dogs of all breeds and ages, many of whom have been rescued from puppy farms, hoarding situations, and other neglectful environments. Once taken in, the dogs receive veterinary treatment, microchipping, and training in preparation for being rehomed. Many Tears Rescue is a no-kill organization, which means that no healthy dog is ever put down. The organization strives to find every dog a loving and permanent home, and works to match each dog with the right family.

The organization's work begins with rescuing dogs in need and providing them with the necessary care and support. Many Tears Rescue's team of dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that each dog is given the best chance at a happy and healthy life. This includes providing veterinary care, microchipping, and training to help the dogs become adoptable. The organization also works to raise awareness of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need to address issues such as puppy farms and animal neglect. By rescuing and rehoming dogs, Many Tears Rescue is making a significant impact on the welfare of dogs in the UK and helping to promote animal welfare.

Many Tears Dog and Cats Rescue

How to Support Many Tears Rescue

There are many ways to support the work of Many Tears Rescue, including volunteering, donating, and adopting a dog. Many Tears Rescue relies on the support of the community to continue its vital work, and every donation and volunteer hour helps to make a difference in the lives of dogs in need.


Many Tears Rescue welcomes volunteers who can help with a variety of tasks, including walking and socializing dogs, helping with fundraising events, and providing administrative support. Volunteering is a great way to get involved with the organization and make a direct impact on the lives of dogs in need.

Please email directly if you would like to volunteering. You have to provide your available dates and times, and give details of your experience.


Many Tears Rescue relies on donations to provide care and support to the dogs in their care. Donations can be made through their donation page, and every donation helps to provide food, shelter, and medical care to dogs in need.


If you're looking to add a furry friend to your family, consider adopting a dog from Many Tears Rescue. The organization works to match each dog with the right family, and provides support and resources to ensure a successful adoption. By adopting a dog from Many Tears Rescue, you're not only giving a dog a second chance at life, but you're also supporting the organization's vital work.

Check out more details on their adoption procedure page.

Fundraising with Virtue

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