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Meet Virtue - formerly Pledger

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Today we are changing our name from Pledger to Virtue. We are excited to continue the virtuous cycle powered by generosity and impact, now with a new name.

Why Virtue?

When our generous merchants partner with incredible causes, its so much more then giving. A virtuous cycle is being created where good leads to more good. Merchants raise awareness and generate impact from sales, causes get to carry out their work with more support and shoppers get to have a deeper connection with brands + feel great about coming back and shopping with them again knowing their purchases make a difference.

What changes?

Not a whole lot right away. Our web and app urls have changed to from and the text in the widgets now says Virtue. The logo changed. But our commitment to created a generous digital retail eco-system where every purchase generates a meaningful social impact hasn't. It's about creating a win-win-win for our shoppers. merchants and causes...that virtuous cycle again.

What's next?

We have a couple of awesome announcements coming your way. We've been working extra hard and double speed to enable a greater variety of causes with clear, trackable impact and ways for merchants to truly re-engage their fans, aka shoppers.

We are stoked that you have chosen Virtue to be a part of your giving story!

Let's make history,

Westen, Mariya, Liam & Virtue team 💙


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